Top 10 high salary jobs in USA

Nearly 63% of employees claim that salary is the key feature they consider when it comes to job satisfaction. Approximately 59% of them voiced out that a competitive pay of above minimum or median range of salary based on the local market offer is crucial.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ third-quarter data for 2018, the average wage of an employee working in the USA is $46,124 per annum. This figure represents the median range of annual income of an employee. Many jobs pay above than what is considered an average salary.

Typically, people from Medical and Pharmaceutics Industry get the privilege to enjoy an above-average pay. With that saying, for today’s topic, we will be discussing the top 10 best paying jobs in the United States in 2019. Added to that, we will also be focusing on the work-life balance. Moreover, we’ll discuss stress level, that each position has to offer in return for a lucrative remuneration.

1. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who specializes in practicing anesthesia. Also, in preoperative care before, during, and after surgery. They are responsible for the administration of anesthesia. Also, they provide intensive and comprehensive care to a patient who has undergone surgery.

Besides, prescribing medicines and pain relievers are also their competence. The average salary of anesthesiologist is a whopping $265,990 per year. It means, they are receiving nearly $22000 into their bank account every single month. That’s a lot.

Education Requirement

An anesthesiologist has to spend a whole 12 years to make this much money. Like every other medical practitioner, they have to go through 4 years of college degree. Then, it’s followed by four years of M.D or D.O residency training. And finally, four years of a postgraduate degree.

Stress level

Surely, anesthesiologists manage to grasp a comfortable financial cushion with a dream income. However, it seems they are struggling in terms of work-life balance. In fact, 38% of them appoint a family doctor for constant health check-up. Also, 25% have chronic health issues. Another 40% consume prescriptions on a daily basis.

Most blame on the poor work-life balance is due to the hectic work schedule. Such regime leads these professionals to their current situation. In fact, there is another study, conducted among 1178 anesthesiologist on their work-related stress. Thus, around 91% confess that they are immensely stressed out with their profession. The main reasons are weekend operations, handling high-risk patients, and having to continue the work back at home.

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2. Surgeon

A surgeon is the second best paying job in our list today. Actually, surgeons get a fruitful pay of $251,890 per year. Mainly, surgeons need to take care of both invasive and non-invasive surgeries in return. Also, surgeons specialize in treating specific diseases, deformities, injuries or organ transplants. There are many types of surgeons, who specialize in managing and performing a single kind of surgery. For instance, neurosurgeons specialize in brain-related surgeries. In turn, cardiothoracic surgeons perform operations in the heart, lungs, chest, and esophagus.

Education Requirement

A surgeon needs to pass through a collective eight years of undergraduate and postgraduate medical degree. In addition, they need another three to eight years of surgical residency training in the hospital.

Stress Level

Being a surgeon is quite tiring and emotionally draining. Unsurprisingly, you need to deal with life and death scenarios, long hours of work. Additionally, you sacrifice family time, meals and sleep to attend to emergency cases. These cause approximately 30-38% of surgeons to get distressed during work. Undoubtedly, this occurs due to their imbalanced professional lifestyle.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Surgeons from the oral and maxillofacial field practice highly complicated surgeries on face and neck,. Also, on facial tissues known as maxillofacial, jaw and head of a patient. It is a certified surgery specialty that offers an attractive salary package of $242,740 per annum.

Education Requirement

As for the academic requirements, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon need to go through dental school. Besides, a few years of residency training based in the hospital.

Stress Level

Unlike the health professions mentioned above with a higher rate of stress, oral and maxillofacial surgeons typically face less amount of stress and a healthy work-life balance. It is because there are fewer patients to handle. Moreover, demand for particular surgeries is lower. So, surgeons are having a good professional lifestyle and a slim chance to get stress with work.

Top 10 high salary jobs in USA
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4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Next in our list of best-paying jobs in the USA in 2019 are Obstetrician and Gynecologist. They get a take home pay of $235,240 per year. An Obstetrician or Gynecologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in taking care of women reproductive system. They deal with pregnancy, breast-related illness, infertility, and so on. Out of medical term, generally, they are known as the “Doctor of Women.”

Education Requirement

A typical medical undergraduate degree. Then, four years of residency training in the hospital before getting certified.

Stress level

According to a study carried out by Promecene P.A, Monga.M in the year 2003, among 22 gynecologists, 31% claims that there are undergoing occupational stress. Another 15% mentioned that they are also facing some work stress. Though, it is still manageable.

5. Orthodontist

Next up on our list of best-paying jobs in 2019 is Orthodontist. His average pay is $229,380 per annum. In fact, these are more like a dentist. However, they also specialize in correction surgeries on jaw and teeth. In addition, they practice operations to correct deformed jaws and malpositioned teeth. Therefore, if you wish to alter your crooked teeth, an orthodontist is whom you need to visit. This surgeon helps to make your smile fixed.

Education Requirement

To become a successful, and probably, wealthy orthodontist you need the following education. First, four years of Bachelor’s Science Degree. After, four years of dental school experience.

Stress level

Based on some of the answers provided by active orthodontists in Quora, the work can be a lot stressful than you may be thinking. But they claim that the more they practice the job, the less stressful it will be soon.

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6. Psychiatrist

A typical Psychiatrist with a large income of $216,090 per year. Therefore, he also manages to grab a place among our top 10 best paying jobs list today. There are offered with a high salary rate in return to diagnose and treat mental disorders of patients. Today, a lot of people, especially working adults, tend to suffer from various mental disorders.Undoubtedly, that is due to increased pressure and stress level at workplaces. In such cases, Psychiatrist helps them to recover from their disorder and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Education Requirement

A Bachelor’s in Science in a must to kick off your journey to becoming a psychiatrist. Followed by a medical degree, residency training, a government approved license. And finally Board certification to start practicing your service.

Stress Level

Stress is typical among Psychiatrist as well. But it forms a 3 level stress process. Initially they will face the potential stressors. Then, the second step is where they will try to moderate the stress stimulators. The third step is the result where it can be both positive as in job satisfaction and negative as in burn out, suicide or chronic illness.

7. Physician

With an above average salary of $198,370 per year, Physician is a general doctor or medical practitioner. He usually deals with the diagnosis of common illness such as fever, flu, food poison and prescribing medicines for it.

Education Requirement

Four years of medical school degree with three to five years of residency training at the hospital is what made a physician.

Stress Level

A study on the stress level of physician suggests that medical practitioners tend to get more stressed out. Usually, in cases where they need to attend to numerous EMR’s in a day.

8. Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is a dentist who provides dental prostheses services. Their average income for a year is a lucrative $196,960.

Education Requirement

A Bachelor’s degree in science, completion of dental school and approval of professional license. Then, followed by completion of a 3-year residency program in prosthodontics is what you need to go through to become an aspiring prothodontist.

Stress level

There is very minimal stress encounter by prosthodontists due to their flexible work schedule. Moreover, they deal with less intensive issues.

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9. Pediatricians

With a take home salary of $187,540 per annum, Pediatrician in return works with children’s health. They are often known as child specialist. Thus, they help to diagnose and treat illness among children. It is a really fun job to be with such an attractive remuneration.

Education Requirement

A pediatric spends a whole 7 years after their undergraduate degree. There, they need to continue medical school for another 4 years. Afterwards, their education continues with three to four years of residency training specializing in child care.

Stress Level

There was a study conducted to identify the stress level among pediatricians. Thus, according to results up to 64 % of respondents are suffering from “high” to “very high” rate of occupational stress frequently.

10. Dentist

Last on our list of best paying jobs in USA in 2019 is dentist. Dentist gets paid a decent amount of $174,110 every year. Dentist provide services such as treating teeth, gum, and mouth related illness. They will advise and make you aware on how to take good care of our teeth and gums.

Education Requirement

An aspiring dentist needs to earn an undergraduate degree before entering into dental school. Then, they need a doctorate in dental surgery.

Stress level

Studies suggest that, the number one killer of a dentist is stress. The higher rate of stress eventually leads to suicide, cardiovascular diseases, and mental illness. Many dentists fail to have a good work-life balance. That is due to tiring schedules and treatment procedures.

These are the top 10 best paying jobs in USA in year 2019 that are on our list today. For high remuneration they have to study and practice a lot. Almost all the jobs have occupational stress and poor work-life balance. However, this situation can be improved with slight effort.

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