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Why girls straighten or curl their hair?

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The most outstanding feature in a lady is her hair. Not just any kind of hair but a head full of beautiful hair, don’t you agree? Well, this is because good-looking hair easily captures people’s attention, irregardless of the hairstyle one chooses to put. The beauty about natural hair is that it can be easily manipulated. Depending on one’s tastes and preferences one can choose to keep straight or curly hair.

However, if you are keen enough, you would notice that some girls like to have a particular style. This could be due to the genetic makeup that affects the hair type. Some girls have naturally curly hair, whereas others have straight hair. Nevertheless, this does not limit one’s choice of hair styles. If you love straight hair but you have curly hair, you can straighten it using a flat iron or  hair straightener.

For those who have straight hair, they can use either rollers or do braid out to get curls. But why would a girl want to straighten or curl their hair? There are a number of reasons that may influence a girl’s decision to choose either of these hairstyles. Perhaps one wants a new look, or it could be the mood or maybe maintenance costs just to mention a few.

Straight vs. Curly Hair

Before getting a new hairstyle, you should understand the type of hair you have. This shouldn’t be a difficult task. What will mainly contribute to whether the hair is straight or curly is the shape of the follicle. If it’s round, you will get straight hair. If it’s oval you will have wavy hair. If it’s hook-shaped, you will have curly hair.

I will not dwell so much on the biology behind the hair type one has as it may sound like rocket science.

Why do girl curl or straighten their hair?Why do girls straighten their hair?

If one has curly hair, they may decide to straighten it due to the following reasons:

1.Managing curly hair can be quite tedious. This is because it gets a frizz so easily and is prone to drying out fast. With this, some may opt for the straight hair look as it easy is to style.

2. There is a whole list of products you need to buy for curly hair which help to prevent it from breaking. That is from buying alcohol-free shampoos, leave-in conditioners and nourishing products. With straight hair, you need to use less products as the build-up would be easily get noticed.

3. Difficult to brush. One has to be extra careful when brushing or combing through it as it easily gets tangled.

4. Straight hair is the most preferred hair style for professionals. This is because it takes less time to style and also one gets a more corporate look.

5. The shiny lustre of straight hair looks more appealing to some girls. Getting this may not be the case for some girls who have curly hair.

6. It’s easier to get a more sophisticated look with straight hair. For instance, most female celebrities like to get a sleek ponytail when going for red carpet awards.

7. If you love braids, you may have to straighten the curls so as to get a clean finish.

Why do girls curl their hair?

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For those with straight hair, they may decide to get curls because:

1. With curls, you can give those ponytails a break. This is because the hair looks better when it’s not tied up.

2. Curls makes the hair to look more voluminous. Some girls like the appearance of thick hair. Despite that those who don’t have this type prefer to curl their straight hair to achieve the ultimate look.

3. Unlike straight hair which needs to be brushed regularly, one does not need to do this when the hair has curls because the waves set naturally with less effort.

4. Curly hair would easily stand out if you are in a crowd. If you do not mind being the center of attention, this would be the perfect hairstyle for you.

5. Curly hair is more versatile. You can get creative and style the hair in so many ways that give you a fancy look. You can also get playful with your hair by rocking a head band or a head wrap.

6. You don’t have to try too hard to achieve a perfect hairdo. You can just fluff out the curls with your fingers and you are good to go.


To wrap it up, you can see how each of these hairstyles would favor girls who decide to rock them. It would be advisable to get the assistance of a professional stylist before getting one. They will give you all the necessary information and tips to manage the hair before switching styles. Have fun as you make the transition on your curly or straight hair.

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