How to take care of your beard naturally

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With a great beard comes a great responsibility. Or, in other words, a nice looking and attractive beard requires more than just growing facial hair. To look healthy and neat, a beard requires maintenance not only of hair itself, but also skin under them.

Just like the rest of hair and skin on the body, the beard and the skin under beard needs proper care and natural treatments to ensure a balanced functioning of sebaceous glands. Found on the upper side of hair follicles, sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum oil. Sebum oil is a natural oily and waxy substance that coats the skin under the beard reducing moisture loss. That exact oil is responsible for keeping the beard and the skin under a beard healthy.

Natural ways to protect beard

With a big beard, sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands is often not enough to coat the skin under the beard. Therefore, it is important to maintain this natural hydro-oily balance around your facial hair. Here, we’ve tried to collect some of the natural ways take care of it, hope you find it useful and helpful.❤️

1. Avoid contact with hot water 

While a nice hot shower is refreshing and almost impossible to give up on, a beard demands this sacrifice. Once a beard starts growing, contact with hot water should be minimized and avoided completely when washing the face. Hot water washes away sebum oil, which is oily and waxy layer, hence resulting your skin to loos moisture and dry. With the oily coat, hair is able to retain water, keeping the skin under the beard healthy. 

2. Use a natural shampoo with a moisturizer to clean your beard

One of the common issues is a rather limited selection shampoos for men. With a single bar of soap, men have no need for more shampoos and creams which complicates beard care. The secret to a better looking beard and improving the skin under the beard lies on realizing that beards require shampoos that are ideal for hair. 

When washing the beard, taking care of the skin under beard and the hair requires a natural shampoo with moisturizers to support the natural oils mentioned above. Natural beard shampoos contain vitamins that are essential for hair growth. A shampoo must be used according to the instructions. It should cleanse the beard by dissolving all excess oils and sweat and improving the look and feel of the beard. 

3. Hydrate and condition your beard regularly

Beard oils have natural elements that keep the beard soft and shiny and moisturize the skin under the beard. To prevent flakes, dry skin and itchiness, natural oils should be applied on the beard and the skin under the beard regularly to hydrate and condition. 

For maximum impact, the application of a natural beard oil should be massaged into the base of the beard to reach the hair tips and maintain follicle growth. 

4. Dry your beard appropriately 

A big beard may come to be a coarse when it retains more water than other hairy parts of the body. When the drying process is not properly done, the retained moisture becomes a problem to the skin underneath the hairs. Also, if we use hard water, the excess humidity retained by the beard contains minerals and other foreign particles that can result in infections to the skin under the beard after the water evaporation. Therefore, in order to keep the skin under a beard healthy, dry your beard thoroughly using a dry towel or dryer after washing. 

5. Brush your beard regularly 

Skin cells grow and die every day. Hence, it is important to exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells. For that, you can use a simple beard brush or a natural scrub to remove the dead skin under the beard. It also makes the beard softer by spreading the oils and removing any knots in the beard. 

6. Improve your diet and work out regularly 

Having a proper diet, enough exercise and a sleep routine is ideal for general health. Healthy natural foods such as fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that improve the skin and foster hair growth and strength. A proper exercise plan improves body fitness and raises the testosterone levels which is a masculine hormone responsible for the growth of facial hairs in men. 


Growing a properly maintained and good looking beard requires realizing that you cannot just let the beard grow. Maintaining the hair and the skin under the beard is a sacrifice that must be made by those willing to grow a beard by investing in healthy natural foods, exercise, enough sleep and natural products to attain healthy look and feeling.

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