Top 7 World’s breathtaking natural pools

Top 7 World's breathtaking natural pools

Mother nature has provided us with great opportunity to enjoy its incredible views. Thus, travelers adoring outdoors might have the ultimate relaxation by swimming in natural pools created by nature. These are not touched by humanbeing and keep maintaining their purity. In addition, natural pools have crystal clear water and self-cleaning mini-ecosystem – no chemicals required to maintain. They have two distinct parts: the regeneration zone and the swimming area. Not to mention, the aquatic vegetation acts as the biological filter for undesired elements. Here are the top 7 most incredible natural pools in the world.

1. Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue lagoon,  Iceland
Tom Grimbert

The blue lagoon is a popular tourist destination in Iceland. This natural pool features beautiful milky water that contrasts with the surrounding black lava field. Notably, warm water is rich in minerals, like sulfur and silica, which offer amazing health benefits. Additionally, the water has the perfect temperature to bath in (37-39 °C ). Water comes from a nearby geothermal plant, so it would be much better to say it’s natural. In 1999, the lagoon went through a transformation and today there is plenty of imodern facilities. Additionally, you can find walking paths, saunas, and small bridges. Even better, there is a retreat spa designed to bring the utmost luxury. Besides, the blue lagoon is only 30-minutes’ drive from the capital city.

2. To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench

This is one of the most unusual natural pools to swim on the planet. In fact, it features two giant holes joined by a lava tube cave. Moreover, there is turquoise water which is accessed by a ladder. Better still, the site offers blowholes, lush gardens, sea arches, and rock pools. The holes are 30 meters deep and almost perfectly symmetrical. Due to the amazing depth and size, To Sua attracts dozens of visitors every year. There are series of canals and tunnels. Thus, these tunnels feed the natural pool with sea water. Besides that, the water is exceptionally clear. Not all visitors enter the pool with a ladder. If you’re physically fit, you can jump from the palm-fringed sides. Another notable feature at To Sua is the rock pool which is very convenient for children. Therefore, this is a great place for a family picnic.

3. Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue Hole is a fresh water natural swimming hole located at the top of Turtle Bay. The water is astonishingly beautiful and is surrounded by a jungle. In this natural pool, there is an underground limestone, which is in its natural form, and it filters the water. Thanks to the depth of each hole, there is beautiful blue color. As water flows down the stream, it becomes pure. In this area there are all conditions for having comfortable vacations. Moreover, tourists find modern facilities, like clean toilets and a cafe. Nanda Blue hole offers the perfect opportunity for sightseeing, kayaking, swimming, and recreation.

4. Gunlom Plunge Pool

Gunlom Plunge Pool
Radek Rybar

This amazing natural pool offers a magical combination of a serene plunge pool and seasonal waterfall. From the top of Gunlom, you can see the ridges of Kakadu national park and habitats of the southern hills. Thus, the main pool has crystal clear water, where you can take a well-deserved dip. Besides, other features that make the place uniquely striking include the spectacular waterfall and rugged landscape. The pool is fed by one of the tributaries of South Alligator River. It’s also a great place for bird watching. And, if you’re staying over you can enjoy the facilities. Be ready to use the campsites, because one day is never enough. Importantly, this is the only large tropical river system protected within a National park.

5. Natural Pool, Aruba

Natural Pool,  Aruba
Marian Kroell

This is a unique swimming hole at the heart of Arikok National Park. It features an oval shape and is around 20-25 feet wide. In addition to that, the deepest point is 17 meters. While this depth will fluctuate with tides, a majority of the pool is too deep to stand. Here, you’ll find two natural pools. The upper one is shallow enough for a few people at a time. And once you get to the natural pool, there is a long set of stairs to bring you to the shore. The lower one is deeper and can accommodate more people.

6. Parc National de Isalo

Parc National de Isalo
Travel Panda

This is one of the most popular areas in Madagascar. Thus, it spreads over an area of 80,000 hectares and is the home to many natural features. One of the most eye-catching features is a palm-fringed pool fed by a warm waterfall. The natural swimming pool is excellent if you want to take a quick dip. As you walk through the diverse ecosystem, you’ll see big savannas, Tapia trees, and eroded cliffs with strange shapes.

7. Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls
Prashant Srivastava

Erawan is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. It’s located some 200km south of Bangkok and has seven separate tiers. The beauty begins at the second waterfall, where there is a large natural pool for swimming. As you go even further, you’ll hear crowds of people enjoying the refreshing falls. The third level also gives a good opportunity for a dip. Although, it can sometimes get rocky, a little exercise will get you ready to swim. Don’t stop here – keep climbing up to tier seven and you’ll be glad you did it.

Final thoughts

Those natural wonders offer a unique gem that tourists can never get enough of. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to take a dip in these sustainable pools. Unarguably, they will inspire your next summer getaway.

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