causes of blackheads easy natural ways eliminate get rid of them
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The skin is made up of three layers. The dermis, which is the external layer, epidermis layer which is beneath dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The epidermis has numerous tissues, among which are the hair follicles. The subcutaneous layer as well has different tissues including sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands release sebum.

causes of blackheads how to eliminate them naturally
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Sebum collects at the opening of the hair follicles, also known as skin pores, to form darkish bumps. Blackheads, are therefore dark spots or bumps that develop when sebum (produced by sebaceous glands) collects at the opening of hair follicles that are found underneath the skin.



Hormonal changes and imbalances in the body are the major causes of blackheads. Fluctuations of hormones in the body triggers the sebaceous gland to secrete excess oil. This excess oil accumulates and blocks the skin pores causing blackheads.

Also, child’s body has has less hormones, but the hormonal levels change as the child grows. It is during puberty stage that high level of hormones are produced in the body. Fluctuation of hormonal levels overpowers the oil gland. The glands become overactive and result to production of excess sebum.


Most women experience increase of blackheads and acne during their menstruation cycle period. During this period, the body releases excess progesterone hormones, which stimulates the sebum secretion, swelling of your skin, and pores compression. All this consequences due to the hormonal shifts cause excess sebum to accumulate underneath the skin.


The pregnancy period of a woman has different stages. It is believed that different stages have different hormonal changes. During the first stage of pregnancy, the body releases androgen hormones. The increase of this hormones triggers secretion of excess gland oil, accumulating it and blocking the skin pores to form black bumps.


Excess heat causes sweating. Sweat comes along with dirt and bacteria. Dirt, sweat and bacteria accumulates at the tiny skin pores hence blocking it. Blockage of the pores gives room for excess sebum to accumulate causing blackheads as a result.


Diets that contains high level of sugar are dangerous to the skin. High level of sugar in the blood triggers the release of insulin hormones, which trigger the secretion of excess oil from the sebaceous glands and causing, therefore, blackheads.



Steaming the face opens the skin pores allowing the face to sweat. Sweat comes out along with dirt, bacteria and the accumulated sebum.

How to use steamed water on the skin.

  • heat water to its boiling point
  • transfer it to a wide surfaced basin
  • using a heavy piece of cloth or towel, cover your head as you bring your face closer to the steam and your face to sweat
  • wipe the sweat out with clean towel

Cinnamon contain an antioxidant agent that block and tightens the skin pores leaving no room for oil and bacteria accumulation. Here is an easy way you can use cinnamon:

  • mix 2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder with water
  • using a cotton, apply the mixture on part of the skin that has blackheads
  • leave for few minutes and rinse with clean water

Note: For better results do this procedure everyday.


Aloe vera is an important herb whose leaves has mucus like fluid. Further studies have proven this fluid to have components that control excess oil production on the applied area.

  • using a knife, cut aloe vera leaf vertically
  • extract its mucus like fluid and apply on the affected area
  • leave it for few minutes to allow the skin absorb it. Then rinse it off

Turmeric has antibacterial substances that cleanse the bacteria accumulated on the skin pores. As simple as that, you just need to:

  • mix turmeric and water
  • apply the solution on the area you are treating
  • leave it for few minutes and wash it off

A tomato has lycopene that is an antioxidant and antibacterial agent. This helps removal of bacteria on the skin.

  • extract tomato juice and apply it on the affected area
  • after 20minutes rinse with clean water

Activated charcoal is porous. Its porosity absorbs all impurities on the affected areas of your face.

  • make a mask of activated charcoal with water (it should be thick enough to stick onto your face)
  • apply the mask on the affected area and rinse after 30 minutes

Strawberry is an alkaline fruit. Its alkalinity cleanses the pores and greatly reduces swelling.

  • crush strawberry to get juice
  • mix the juice with honey to make a paste. Apply on the affected area and rinse after a while

Honey is medically proven to have an antibacterial agent. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It bleaches the blackhead and brings back the original skin color. Here is a simple receipt of the mask: 

  • make a paste of honey and lemon juice and apply it on the affected area
  • leave it for few minutes and wash it off with clean water
  • MILK

In milk, there is lactic acid that breaks down the dead cells. When applied on the skin it exfoliates the dead cells that have accumulated on the pores of the skin.

Apply raw milk on the affected area and rinse your face with clean water. For better and quicker results repeat this procedure everyday.


Salt water has mild antibacterial properties that eliminates excess oil on the skin. Wash the affected area with salt water every evening, leave this salty layer for a few minutes, but then don’t forget to rinse your face with clean warm water.


In conclusion, blackhead is a health problem that tends to fight one’s self esteem. In many cases, it also comes to be an expensive problem to cure if neglected on the early stages.

eliminate get rid of cure blackheads with natural remedies
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Therefore, the natural remedies like those mentioned here may greatly help you achieve wonderful results and eliminate blackhead problems easily and naturally. May your face become like a child’s one ❤️


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