Jobs that will disappear in few years

Jobs that will disappear in few years
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Bill Gates recently shocked the financial world when he suggested that governments should soon start taxing capital gains, rather than incomes. Similarly, multiple billionaires, such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, have also suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) should be taxed as a factor of production. These are recommendations on making automation process, that replace many jobs, slower. What do all these captains of industry know that we don’t?

For the sake of technological progress, humanbeing is creating more and more gadgets, smartmachines and apps that help to perform various tasks. Notably, these inventions make our lives much easier. On the other hand, there is negative effect on existing employment positions. In fact, many industries introduce machinery to increase the efficiency of production. As a result, human labour becomes useless.

Which jobs automation and artificial intelligence will affect first? In this regard here are is a list of some jobs that will definitely disappear in the next few years.

1. Drivers

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Self-driving cars are the new rage in silicon valley. Other than Tesla, there are at least another twenty well-funded start-ups. They are tirelessly pushing this agenda. What do they know that drivers don’t? For starters, Uber-the world’s leading taxi operator- believes that their company will not need to have any drivers under contract in the next few years. They have already partnered with multiple car manufacturers in order to create a safe self-driving taxi. Elon Musk has also admitted that Tesla’s upcoming self-driving truck will be able to haul cargo for longer distances. Machines can perform everything at a much cheaper rate than any truck driver.


Have you been to Asia? If you have, then you might be well accustomed to the idea of automated kiosks and robot cashiers. These machines are already in the workforce. You can find them even in small businesses without a big budget. After introducing this technology by western giants, such as McDonald’s and Walmart, all the other smaller enterprises will follow suit. Those cashier and waiter jobs might be gone sooner than we had anticipated.

3. Delivery

Delivery serviceAmazon, the world’s leading retailer, has already started testing out delivery drones. Domino’s, a pizza behemoth, has also received permits and is in the pilot phase of it’s automated delivery system. Do you know how many delivery workers will be affected by this purge? Which jobs will disappear once these drones and delivery robots hit the market?

4. Customer care

Did you know that majority of the complaints you forward online are already being handled by artificial intelligence? These bots can sort most of your problems a lot faster than a normal customer care worker would. In the near future there is high possibility that computers learn to answer the customers’ questions. Consequently, replacing people from this position.

5. Travel agents

Booking a hotel room and getting on a flight used to be a hustle. You had to know the right people and, as a result, booking agents were some of the best paid professionals in the world. Nowadays, you can download one app on your smartphone, that acts as you travel agent, hotel room booking agent, tour guide, Forex changer and even translator. Moreover, it’s possible to make a research on internet and find a perfect place for your vacations.

6. Farmers

FarmersOnce upon a time, nearly every American was in some capacity a capable farmer. Today, that number has shrunk as the population migrated to big cities. These jobs are now facing complete extinction due to smart farms. These farms produce ten times the food an average farmer does using a tenth of the same land. In some states lab-grown meat has already hit the market. As farming jobs slowly disappear, engineers, biologists and technologists are slowly becoming the people in charge of the food we eat.

7. Bank tellers

Mobile and internet banking is currently accountable for 80% of the banking revenue in Africa and Asia. Unsurprisingly, for many people it’s convenient to use special apps without necessity to go to bank. This trend has slowly started to catch on in North America and we fear bank tellers will be the first to disappear.

8. Textile and print workers

100 years ago the textile and print jobs employed a huge number of professionals. Today, these jobs barely exist. Decreasing amount of these professionals is not due to lack of demand. Instead, automation and artificial intelligence have been fully integrated and can perform various tasks at higher speed. Consequently, there is no need for big amount of textile workers. I wouldn’t advise my niece to keep her clothing factory job anymore.

Will my white-collar job disappear?

White-collar worker
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At the moment white collar professions, such as lawyers and accountants, have an added advantage. In fact, an artificial intelligence isn’t good enough to replace them. Very few technologies can handle the creative aspect of these professions. This will, however, start to change rapidly once the business world finds a suitable model for white-collar job automation. Once this happens, any job will be vulnerable to the robot takeover.

This article is a comprehensive report of what is currently happening in the workforce. It is based on research and not speculation. Please, use this information to better your life. Cheers!

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