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Most women find it difficult to attain a healthy weight after giving birth. Unsurprisingly, they wish they could lose the baby fat magically after the pregnancy. Unfortunately, nobody snaps back to their pre-pregnancy body that quickly. You need to set personal goals, make several adjustments, and dedicate yourself to this new routine for it to happen. Not only is weight loss good for your health. It also helps you to regain your body confidence. Before starting, we recommend to get familiarized on when and how start postnatal workout.

Is it difficult to lose weight after giving birth?

Contrary to what most people believe, losing the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you have a plan that you are willing to stick with, you will get there before you know it. The first thing you need to do is set realistic goals. There is no way you are going to shed all the pregnancy weight in a week or two.

Moreover, you have to give your body ample time. Also you need to transform your diet into a healthy one and adopt an exercise regimen to complement this. Therefore, you should implement the above and remain disciplined enough to maintain this new lifestyle. Later, you will reach your weight loss goals sooner than later. Notwithstanding the few challenges that may come along the way.

When should you start exercising?

You might have all the motivation to start losing weight after the newborn. Though, you should not rush into the exercises. Remember your body just brought a new life into this world. So many changes happened in your body. Things moved around, grew, and stretched to make that possible. Thus, focus more on achieving a healthy, happy, and slightly smaller shape that makes you more comfortable.

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Ideally, the best time to start exercising will depend on how active you were during pregnancy. If you did regular exercises and had a smooth delivery, you can begin stretching and other light exercises as soon as you feel ready. However, you’ll have to wait a while longer if you had complications during labor or even a c-section. The important thing is to allow your body enough rest.

Back pain

Of course, doing workout as soon as possible after the delivery sounds good. However, I personally felt terrible back pain after delivery. And this is one of the most common postnatal problems. The pain was so strong that I couldn’t even think about doing workout. If you feel the same thing, then probably it’s better to start with back pain relief exercises.  It’s much better to strengthen your back first before you can do effective weight loss workout. You can try these easy exercises that help to get rid of back pain. Moreover, they help to improve your posture as well. Notably, they are good for pregnant women likewise. 

How breastfeeding affects weight loss?

Breastfeeding can actually help you to lose weight and achieve your pre-pregnancy body even sooner. However, this may not be true for all women. In fact, the effect of breastfeeding may be inconsequential for some. Generally, the amount of weight you manage to lose through breastfeeding will depend on:

  • Weight before pregnancy
  • Weight gained during pregnancy
  • Diet
  • Overall health
  • Activity level
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Breastfeeding will help you burn calories. On average, if you are taking in the right amount of calories a day and breastfeeding your child exclusively, you should shed around one pound after every week or two. Although, this amount may seem negligible, a steady and gradual weight loss is actually safer and healthier. Studies have also shown that nursing your newborn can burn up to 500 calories a day. Even though you may probably be eating more to continue breastfeeding, you can still shed some extra pounds.

What are the ideal postnatal exercises ?

There are numerous exercises you can do to reclaim your pre-pregnancy body. If your body has not yet achieved a comfortable physical state, you should start with lighter workouts. Try deep belly breathing, accompanied by abdominal contraction. This easy exercise helps to relax the stomach muscles. Moreover, it sets the tone for the strengthening and toning of your abs. Other exercises you can do include stretching, head lifts, shoulder lifts, and curl-ups. These will strengthen your back muscles, as well as burn calories in the abs. Fat in the hips and lower abs are the most common effect of delivery. Therefore, women prefer to get rid of them first. Here is the short, but effective workout aimed at your lower abs. 

As you build back your physical strength, you may begin incorporating some cardio. For instance, going out for a walk while pushing your baby in a stroller. Alternatively, you can carry your child in a sling and progressively increase your walking distance or speed in every subsequent session. Doing all this consistently will gradually help you lose weight. Eventually, you regain that body you once had. However, remember to take a rest when you feel tired. Don’t push yourself too hard!

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