Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

Are weight loss pills effective?

Television ads almost entirely convince anyone watching them that weight loss pills are the magical answer to all your weight-related problems. Just take the magic bullet and eat all you want. And still fit into that size 6 dress lying at the back of your closet that you bought thinking you will use it to inspire you to lose weight. Well, life never goes as planned! Undoubtedly, it is quite understandable that advertisers try to beguile people with exaggerated claims. Consequently, weight loss is one of top discussed. Unfortunately, these pills aren’t everything these advertisements claim them to be.

Before you feel swayed, ask the real question: Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

Are weight loss pills effective?
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How do Weight Loss Pills Work?

These pills work by tweaking the natural mechanisms of the body. Manufacturers and makers claim that weight loss supplements work by directly impacting fat metabolism. Thereby they increase energy expenditure by the body. Similarly, they also work by enfeebling fat adsorption and strengthening fat oxidation. Some of these pills make long-term changes in the body.

Moreover, they have direct and positive impact on fat metabolism. They are also known to reduce hunger and give a feeling of satiation to the user. Besides, different makers claim that different pills use different ingredients that work together to promote weight loss. Unfortunately, limited research with respect to these pills comes in the way of corroborating these claims. However, some studies have spoken in favour of these claims.

Are weight loss pills effective?
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Are Weight Loss Pills safe?

Yes, these pills are safe. Nevertheless, you must consult your doctor before including them in your diet. Most doctors believe that people with a BMI of 30 or more can include these pills in their diet. Similarly, if you have been on a diet and have stopped losing weight, these pills are a good option for you. In fact, they can help you bypass the hurdle. However, even if you fall within these two brackets, it is always advisable to see your doctor before making any changes in your routine and lifestyle.

The market is brimming with these pills. However, not all of them are FDA approved. Some FDA-unapproved weight reduction pills have led to major side effects in users in the recent past. Actually, it is a well-established fact that even some of the FDA-approved pills can also lead to side effects. While these side-effects are not dangerous in most cases, in any case, they must not be ignored. Similarly, just because something is natural, it does not necessarily mean it will be safe. Thus, seeing your doctor first before going on any weight loss pill is always a good idea.

Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

By and large, the simple answer to the above mentioned question is yes- to a certain extent they are. Many studies have proved that these pills are quite effective. Notably, you must use them in combination with exercise and dietary and lifestyle changes. Thus, it is important to understand that weight loss pills work in unison with an exercise routine and a well-balanced diet. However, a weight loss pill alone is like a soldier in the battlefield fighting the opposing army all alone- it is bound to lose.

Are weight loss pills effective?
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Are Weight Pills a Good Option to Lose Weight?

Yes, they are, but only if you understand that weight loss pills are not magic bullets. Pills are merely a 10%-15% component of your weight loss program. At the same time, diet constitutes a 70%-75% share and exercise makes up the remaining 10% – 20% share. Most health professionals believe that achieving and sustaining weight loss is possible. But only when a person decides to make long-term attitudinal changes. When it comes to losing weight, there are no short cuts. Hard work is the key. Keep a check on what you eat, hit the gym when you can. Consequently, weight loss pills will ensure you reach your target as soon as possible.

However, make sure to steer clear of any pills that guarantee extremely quick results. Do not be fooled by the exaggerated claims of makers. If you want to lose weight, see a health professional. Work with them to create a diet and exercise plan that works for you. In your journey of weight loss, use weight loss pills as a supportive tool to bypass the hurdles that keep coming up.

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