Cologne, aftershaves, or just a fresh smell? Scent that women prefer more on men

scent that women prefer more on men how to choose your perfume
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It’s common in people to bathe in perfumes before going anywhere because sure, everyone wants to smell good and seek others’ attention! But men are more conscious about how do they smell when they are around women and so they try their best to smell nice and use different perfumes or body sprays. Although we (men) use a lot of perfumes and colognes to smell better, the studies and polls show that what women prefer more is a men’s natural scent itself. It varies from a woman to woman but the most effective and alluring scent is always the men’s own natural, real scent.

As it is usually the case, love goes through the stomach. But even before it comes to a date with a meal, it all starts through the nose. 

Freshly showered men is a preferred choice for women

In a poll where 1141 women have been asked, only 9 percent like the fragrance of aftershave on men, but only if they are slight, especially with fresh fragrances. More than a half (60 percent) like it when a man smells like he’s just stepped out of the shower.
19 percent of women also prefer male’s scent with woody, tart notes. On the other hand, pragmatism and uniformity are not in demand (unisex fragrances): These fragrances does not really appeal to women, especially if they are shared by men and women (0 percent). But for the majority of women sweet (2 percent) or too heavy fragrances (4 percent) are rather a reason to step away instead of moving closer to the source of the smell. Masculinity is also very popular in terms of fragrance.

Scent over appearance

Studies have shown that women’s interest is not primarily related to your appearance. What is more important is the fragrance that helps you express your personality on the level of smell and highlight your attractiveness. A good men’s perfume makes a statement that turns into the interest in the subconscious of the women and arouses their curiosity towards you.

Women are clearly smell-oriented and listen to their nostrils in addition to their gut feeling. For you, this means that a pleasant fragrance that accentuates your aura is the key to success in dating and in love. Men’s perfume needs to have a few basic properties. It should not be sweetish but smell dry and masculine. Woody scents have an aphrodisiac effect, and if you believe the results of surveys and researches, with a woody scent you will have greater chance to impress your woman. 

How to choose your scent

How do you recognize the best men’s perfume for you? Well, first of all the scent must suit you and underline your character as well as your lifestyle.

 – Are you a sporty guy? Then choose a men’s perfume that smells sporty and adventurous.

– Less is more. Women do not want you to smell from a distance and find perfume clouds repellent.

– Woody nuances. It makes you look more masculine and comes to be a really good stylistic device of your masculine aura.

– Leather chords. In addition to wood, leather chords and freshness should not be missing.

Cologne is better than a body-spray or a perfume in terms of a balanced scent due to less concentration of oils in it. A better choice will make men look better in front of women and most likely turn a women’s attention towards them. The cologne is not heavy, but fresh, and smells of citrus leaving a sweet smell on the skin at the end of the day.

If you orient yourself by these details, you will find your personal fragrance without a long search and you will reach for a men’s perfume that drives women crazy. Once you succeed in choosing a right scent and balance it out, you will be amazed with the effect it makes towards your attractiveness and the increased female interest.

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