What is drinkable collagen?

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What is drinkable collagen? Possession of youthful appearance is one of the main purposes of the beauty industry. Everyone wants to look younger than they actually are. Taking this into account, human-being is creating new beauty products that help to freeze time. Undoubtedly, skin care is the ultimate focus, when it comes to flaunting a youthful glow.

In addition, we often hear recommendations to eat healthy and religiously drink our eight glasses of water. It is obvious that a person is what he eats (and drinks). Hence, people invented a drinkable collagen. How about a look at what drinkable collagen is all about?

So what is collagen ?

Collagen is what I would term as the glue to our body’s tissues. Particularly, in bones, muscles, ligaments, and skin. It holds everything in place and gives shape and tensile strength. Now when it comes to skin, collagen is the magic behind the elastic nature of our skin. Collagen also stimulates production of hyaluronic acid, which works to keep your skin hydrated.

Therefore, boosting the levels of collagen in the skin, or minimizing its loss, is central in skin care. It is a key player in getting that coveted plump and time-resistant skin. So where does drinking it come in? See, with time, the skin begins to have less and less of collagen.That is why wrinkles, thinning, and sagging of the skin comes with age. Thus, boosting collagen levels by ingesting collagen becomes the solution.

For increasing the efficiency, drinkable collagen became popular today. The composition of drinkable collagen varies with the various companies that produce it.

Some formulations use collagen extracted from animal tissue. Others have the very small molecules, that build up collagen. These are amino acids, proline, and hydroxyproline.

The collagen formulated in drinkable products is broken down so that it can be easily absorbed. In fact, collagen itself is a huge molecule. Collagen peptides are derived from chicken, cows, pigs and fish sources. Vegan alternatives are also available.

Molecule structure
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How does it work

Drinking collagen or it’s peptides do not directly boost collagen levels in the skin. Why? Well, from the nature of collagen it’s hard to tell how such a huge molecule gets into the skin. In fact, there are 28 different types of collagen. Moreover, not all of them are useful for the skin! Nonetheless, scientific trials have proven the effectiveness of ingested collagen in improving the quality of skin. In one trial, participants ingested the hydrolyzed form of marine (fish) collagen.

After 60 days, results were visible with reduced dryness and wrinkling. In addition, there was a reduced depth of the nasolabial fold. In 3 months time, there was an increased concentration of skin collagen and the skin was firmer.

Collagen peptides are digestible. Therefore, a daily intake of at least 6000mg is necessary to have the peptides make their effect. Consequently, they trigger fibroblasts, which are the collagen producing cells in the skin. Another possible mechanism is the following.

The presence of collagen peptides in the bloodstream signals fibroblasts that there is an increase in break down of collagen. In compensation, fibroblasts then start producing collagen. The use of drinkable collagen over collagen applied on the skin as a facial cream, shows a longer lasting and more enhanced results. This is due to their action on the deeper skin layers compared to creams. Ordinary moisturizers act mostly on the top layer.

How to use drinkable collagen

Before consumption of collagen drinks, you should consult with a specialist. This is to rule out any risk of adverse reactions with any of the ingredients. Once one has obtained drinkable collagen, it is inevitable to follow storage instructions. Progress checks can be done regularly, also as advised by the manufacturer. Moreover, proper storage of collagen drinks is very important in ensuring their effectiveness.

Drinkable collagen formulation is close to achieve the most natural state. On that account they are made with minimal preservatives. Collagen generally has a bitter after taste and most formulations are sweetened.

What is drinkable collagen?
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When to start using the product

It is almost a rule of thumb that prevention is better, than the cure. Therefore, the earlier one starts taking it, the better are results. Starting in early twenties or thirties is great, because about then the rate of collagen breakdown still hasn’t hit a steep decline.

Pros and cons of drinkable collagen

liquid collagen supplementsDrinkable collagen has but few disadvantages. For instance, the bitter after-taste lingering on after consumption, which I have mentioned. Also, allergic reactions to collagen extract or other ingredients. There is also a report of feeling of fullness and heartburn after consumption.

The advantages of using drinkable collagen by now are obvious. Though, in summary I mention few things. Drinkable collagen has better absorption and exerts its effects for a longer time. The skin enjoys a reduction in sagging and wrinkles.

Besides the signs of aging, drinkable collagen also deals with cellulite and acne scars.

Additionally, your hair and nails also benefit from the presence of collagen. It doesn’t just end with the effects on your appearance only. One will also note faster wound healing process and less joint pains. In addition, drinkable collagen might improve muscle bulk and reduce bone loss.


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Final thoughts

Drinkable collagen might as well be popular fountain of youth. With research and technology, we expect more to come with the use of collagen extract to keep young and fresh look. However, one shouldn’t neglect other components of good skin care.

Hydration, proper diet, and good sun protection still have a role to play in getting that gorgeous youthful glow. All the same, drinkable collagen is a great tool to consider for beauty that lasts long.


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