Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?

Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?
Jakob Owens

When we think about the behavior and life of modern generation, one thing we find in common is a very interesting fact. Most of them don’t want to grow up even when they are grown up. It is physiologically and scientifically proven that 20s is the time of your life. People live the most, see the most, and achieve the most while in their 20s. In fact, you are the most active and energized when you in your 20s. At the same time, you are mature. But people are not the same as the previous generations anymore. Here is a comparison of how the 20s of nowadays differs from the 20s of previous generations.

1. Career

People of modern generation are ambitious. However, often they don’t have a career when they are in their 20s. If we look at our parents or grandparents in their 20s, they had a family, a full-time job, kids. Also they had basically everything, which we think and plan to have in our late 30s or early 40s.

People of modern generation make an impression of being reckless and childish in terms of their future. The time they can have a real career, they spend it exploring the market for options. Finally, when they fail, they succumb back to what they were doing at the very beginning. With so many options in our plates, it becomes more difficult to choose what we really want. Our parents’ generation never had the luxury of having so many options. They lived simple life and job, which paid the bills.

Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?
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While choosing career path, the family played a key role. Thus, most of our parents followed the same direction as their parents in careers. Today, the youth wants to explore new opportunities. Undoubtedly, such a desire has led many genius and talented people to great discoveries. However, it’s very easy not to see the difference between the desire to find oneself and simple procrastination.

2. Family

It quickly becomes the toughest conversation for millions of the 20s. When will you get married? Or when will you have a baby? People of modern generation are kids in grown-up suits when it comes to family and marriage. They are just not ready. No matter if they are 21 or 29, they are not ready to get married. They like to date and have fun as much as they can. Giving commitment in a relationship becomes a big deal, marriage becomes out of the picture.

Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?

Unlike them, our previous generations loved the thought of marriage and family. Most of the people in the previous generations had at least one kid by the time they were 26. Notably, not because they had to, but because they wanted to. They liked the idea of being a grown up and having a family of their own. However, we should not forget that religious and cultural influence was much stronger before. Nowadays, young people have free access to contraception and abortion. In addition, very often couples live together without marriage. And of course, have intimate relationship.

According to statistics, today people start having babies at the average an age of 32. The fact which many know but don’t acknowledge is that the fertility rate reduces after age 35. The fertility rate is the best when you are in your 20s and it keeps on reducing as you grow old. People of this generation delay having kids and when they try, a number of difficulties arrive. In addition, later you have kids the more stress it puts on the woman’s body. There is the concern of post-partum depression and it happens with both the partners. Especially if you are in your 30s. Accordingly, 20s is the best time to have kids.

Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?

3. Freedom of choice

Undoubtedly, we live in peaceful time. Modern generation does not have the urgency of becoming serious very fast. In fact, globalization and absence of harsh prohibitions have effect on personality of people. Thus, the level of criminality decreases. The quality of life in general becomes much better. Therefore, millennials have the opportunity to live the life they want. And don’t forget about the technological progress. Undoubtedly, we follow traditions less and are mostly focused on mass media. Moreover, many families now have on average 1-2 kids. Accordingly, parents have opportunity to give more to their kids. As a result, many kids in their adulthood remain childish. They love feeling like kids and receiving the care and love of their parents. According to reports, a total of 3 million adults in their 20s and early 30s live with their parents today.

Why The Childhood Of Modern Generation Lasts Till 30?
Laura Marques

Things modern generation should consider

Surely, improving quality of live and peacetime are the nest things that a human-being can dream of. However, people ar their 20s must not enjoy their youth only. In fact, 20s are the most productive years of your life. You can make incredible career with the possibility of development in your 30s. Moreover, you can find your true love, with whom you can go through your entire life and create a family. It’s much complicate to do all these things when you’re 30 and 40. In fact, you won’t have much time to achieve these goals in good quality. Therefore,we provide you with this video. Here, you can find more on this topic and some practical ideas. If you’re in your 20s or have a 20 something kid, then this video is for you.

If you are in your 20s and if you are reading this, don’t waste the best time of your life trying to live the day a bit better. Plan your future a little, start being responsible in order to have prosperous future.

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