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hazardous garbage waste ways to reduce
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Just picture this: we all dump broken glasses, litter, garbage, and other rubbish away anyhow. Imagine what it would be like. You’ll be dead right to say it would be a disaster. Since waste disposal involves getting rid of unwanted products almost every day, we often don’t care much whether we do it properly or not.

For this reason, there are various problems caused by waste disposal. They include the following:

1. Causes poor health

According to research done in 2018, every American disposes 2,555 pounds of waste each year. Since a huge part of these unwanted materials aren’t reused or appropriately dumped, they cause air pollution and hence poor health for many Americans.

Additionally, many landfills in America are burnt or destroyed. The gases that get exposed to the air during the burning processes are hazardous. In fact, they cause malignant diseases, respiratory problems, and some affect the visibility of people near them.

Also, since flies and mosquitoes breed in areas with solid waste, they infect many Americans with diseases like malaria and dengue among others. Others cause blood infection to both people and animals, thus causing deaths or poor health. This takes us to the next point.

2. It’s hazardous to the environment

We all know that many people dump waste materials anyhow. Just imagine if every American citizen discards the 2,555 pounds rubbish each year anywhere. Remember some will deposit into rivers, some in the streets and others in the landfills. Don’t you think it will be a disaster for the environment?

Don’t forget that the litter dumped in rivers and lakes will cause water pollution. This will adversely affect all humans as well as marine animals. Also, when waste materials with harmful chemicals are disposed to the farms, the plants will feed on that contaminated soil. This can harm the plants and consequently the humans who will consume those plants.

3. Affects the economy negatively

Do you think tourists would want to visit areas or countries with poor sanitation? Definitely no. In fact, if tourists learn that a particular country is littered everywhere, and some places have a foul smell, they may never visit the city. This is also the case with investors. One thing for sure is that no single investor would like to invest in a town which has dumpsites all over.

And what do you think happens to such countries or cities then? You’ll be right to say that the people in those areas have poor living standards. Remember that in some cases tourists are a source of revenue to the government, which can help raise the living conditions.

The worst problem that exists is that many people think that it’s only the authority which can help with waste disposal management. However, everyone should take responsibility and learn how to manage waste to avoid the above problems. Strictly speaking, I’m sure that by learning about the best garbage disposal ways, I can start caring and dispose less litter.

Nevertheless, the only catch is that many people are hesitant to take this responsibility. And do you know why? They think that even if they start caring about waste disposal, they’re not powerful enough to influence other people. However, we should all understand that if one person initiates that change, others will follow.

Therefore, follow the following tips to know how we can start caring about the waste disposal problems ourselves.

What are my actions?

1. Ensure you shop with a reusable bag

Many people rely on plastic bags while buying. But what do you think happens to those bags after use? They are dumped anywhere. How dire to the environment, right? H

Instead of shopping with them, we can start using reusable bags always. And you know what? Since these bags are stored for future use, using them can be a significant step in managing waste disposal.

2. Don’t purchase excess foodstuffs

It’s surprising to see the amount of food disposed every day in America. In fact, the amount is unfathomable. To be precise, according to a report released in 2016, 50% of foodstuffs produced in America are dumped each day. This amounts to food worth $160 million each year.

What’s the solution then? Everyone should try to find out the amount of food they consume each month, and cut back on what they buy. Remember that the excess foodstuffs will end up in landfills which can cause various problems as seen earlier.

3. Learn to reuse or recycle

Even though 80% of America’s products are reusable, only 30% is recycled. The other 50% is thrown away. However, we can take it upon ourselves to start recycling what is reusable to help manage waste disposal. For instance, we can begin purchasing reusable containers where we can be storing our foodstuffs.

Also, after taking our meals, instead of disposing leftovers, we can reuse them as manure by composting them. Remember that this can help add value to our farms.

4. Ditch packaged food

What happens after eating the packaged food you buy in the market? You obviously dump the bags and plates used to pack them. Therefore, when purchasing these packaged foodstuffs, you’re probably contributing to the adverse effects of waste disposal.

For that reason, you can decide to be cooking your food at home instead of buying packaged food. Otherwise, if you must buy some lunch, ensure you carry a reusable plate or dish instead of using a disposable plate. This will help in ensuring that the environment is free from hazardous waste.

5. Stop buying juices, sodas, or water with plastic bottles

We all have purchased beverages like coffee and juices in plastic containers. But what do we do with them? We obviously dump them anyhow. This often happens first place while traveling. But don’t you think we can change this behavior? If each one of us decides to purchase a coffee thermos or a reusable water bottle, don’t you think we will be helping in managing waste disposal?

Remember that we will neither have to use disposable cups when taking coffee nor will we use disposable plastic bottles to carry water or juice. This will be an excellent way for us to take care of waste disposal.

Final thoughts

Taking care of waste disposal should begin with each one of us. Remember that this waste is causing various health and environmental problems today in America, as well as the whole world. We shouldn’t continue watching people and animals die due to environmental pollution.

Instead, we should take it upon ourselves to take care of waste disposal. We can do this by shopping with reusable bags, ditching disposable plates, cups, and bottles, planning our meals, and learning to recycle whatever is reusable. Remember that if other people see you doing this, they’ll also follow your behavior, thus helping to take care of waste disposal.

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