Coral water is the secret of longevity

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According to a research, people of Okinawa (Japan) live on average 90 years. In fact, the quality of drinking water is the main factor of longevity. Thanks to the peculiar location of Okinawa island, its people have access to coral water. I know you might be asking yourself what are the benefits of coral mine water. Well, you will be surprised to know that also more than 6 million people in the world are drinking water with coral mine. In fact, coral minerals are an essential element to super hydration in your body. Thus, when you add 1 gram of coral calcium to water, it changes water features in the following ways:

  • Coral mineral adds more than 70 minerals
  • Improves water surface tension to correspond with the surface tension of the blood
  • Changes water pH
  • Improves water redox to negative
  • Changes water structure to symmetric and natural.

Therefore, it is justifiable to say when you drink such living water, it is a huge step towards longevity. Read on and find out more about coral water.

What is coral water?

Coral water is the secret of longevity

Most people think that coral is used in the production of jewelry ornaments. That is because of their unusual shape and beautiful color. However, coral is not dead mineral. Actually, they constantly grow under specific conditions that exist only in some parts of the world. The water should be warm, very clean and contain more salt. Therefore, coral mine is a natural product. Notably, it is collected from Japanese sea near the island of Okinawa. The coral mine stabilizes the functions of body systems and organs by regulating mineral balance. When coral water is put in ordinary water, it increases nutritional value of the water. Consequently, it should be your daily drink, especially when you are sick.

Is it safe?

It has no side effects and in cases of overdose it will be naturally removed from the body. There is high content of calcium and is easily absorbed.  Additionally, coral mine can inhibit pharmacological activity in the body. Thus, balancing the body’s chemical processes. Besides, coral mine has number of curing characteristics that can enhance longevity. Interestingly, only white color coral is beneficial for the health. It’s rich in calcium, potassium,  magnesium,  and sodium. Also, its structure is very similar to that of humanbeing bones. Therefore, the nature has provided us with such a unique natural and safe medicine. 

Why drink coral mine water?

Regulates the acidity level

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Coral mine is good for our bodies because it maintains proper acid-base balance. For this reason, Okinawans have enviable health and have high immunity levels to diseases. Thus, they drink this water, which makes their body more alkaline. By neutralizing excess acidity, coral water increases pH I. As a result, it makes the body more alkaline.

Beneficial for many diseases

Coral mine is useful, especially if you are suffering from particular diseases. For example, locomotor diseases, problems with metabolism, digestive and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, coral calcium powder is one of the best antioxidants. That is because it protects cells, by neutralizing free radicals. Studies have shown that Islanders of Tokunoshima and Okinawa have significantly lower cases of diseases, such as arthritis.

Therefore, it is important for you to know that calcium is one of the essential elements required by the body. Its deficiency can lead to more than 100 severe cases of different infections. When you make coral mine part of your daily drink, you will:

  • Strengthen the immunity
  • Provide easily absorbed calcium into the body
  • Have a positive influence on metabolism
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular and digestive complications
  • Achieve optimal blood pH
  • Normalize blood sugar level and pressure
  • Clean liver, kidneys, and digestive system
Coral water is the secret of longevity
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It is for these characteristics the Islanders from Okinawa have longer live spuns. The reason is embracing coral mine as part of their lives. Well, if you seek to live a healthy lifestyle, coral mine has a lot of health benefits. You will keep off most of the infections that I have highlighted in this article. If you are wondering where you can get it, you don’t have to worry. Coral calcium is available in various health food stores and Amazon.

How to drink?

The end product is distributed in sachets.  Thus, you put one sachet in 1,5 litter bottle of (still) mineral water and in 1-2 minutes it’s ready. Also, you can put coral mine in tea and juices. Drink this water during the whole day instead of ordinary water. Though, you must not boil the water after you put sachet in it. On the other hand, of you put coral mine in a warm water, its positive effects will increase. 


Getting enough calcium level boosts your immunity and your general body functioning. As people age, their bodies become less efficient in absorbing calcium. Though, the good news is that it is never too late. Therefore, start taking coral mine water. Consequently, it will enhance cellular metabolism, blood circulation, equilibrating acidity and alkalinity. Besides, it generates physiological glucose and regulates the body temperature. It is important to note that eating foods with high nutritional content is not always enough. This implies that you need coral mine to supplement the minerals that the body requires. Embrace it today and you will appreciate its health benefits.

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