Superset training: why you need it?

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Undoubtedly, it is important for you to know about the significance of every single exercise that you do. Well, the chances are that if you have ever had personal training, you must have come across the term superset. In fact, this is a substantial aspect of your strength training routine. However, there is still a lot of confusion about what it is and how to do them right. Read on and find out.

To get started, it is essential for you to understand that superset refers to two or three exercises. The idea is to perform them back to back with no or little rest. Notably, you perform some exercise to work on particular muscles. After completing it, you start another, which is aimed at other muscles. Thus, you give a rest to your muscles by working on other part of your body. Though, you can work the same muscles just switching to a heavier weight. These exercises cut your work out routine, since you will have to take a rest after you have finished the two moves. Supersets are what you need to create quick workouts, which will build muscular endurance.

Although, the above mentioned things sound good, it’s not easy. Your body will burn as you start supersets because of absence of rest between the exercises. On the other hand, supersets are great way of growing your muscles and maximizing the limited time of workout. Before doing superset training, be sure to have consultation with a professional trainer. These exercises are not good for beginners, unless your purpose is to get injuries. 

Why you should use supersets on your workouts

When you start using supersets, you will realize that your muscular fitness will increase gradually. In addition, you will be in a position to take even higher loads. Additionally, you will understand that you will be saving on time. After researching the science behind supersets, I realized there are more valid reasons why everyone should incorporate them in their workouts. Before we have a look at some of these benefits, it is vital to understand some various types of supersets.

Superset training
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Pre-exhaustion superset

This is when you pair isolation exercise with a compound exercise. Thus, you use related muscle groups to exhaust your muscle before you take your main lift. This is an excellent way of activating a particular muscle.

Post-exhaustion superset

This is the opposite of pre-exhaustion superset. Thus, you begin with a compound exercise followed by an isolation exercise. However, it is more traditional, and it allows you to push through fatigue.

Antagonist superset

This is when you pair exercises that target two opposing muscle groups. This allows the muscle which is not under tension to relax because blood is pumped on the same region. Consequently, it allows strength levels to remain high and it creates vascularity and a killer pump.

Staggered superset

This is when you pair two different exercises from separate muscle groups. It allows you to stay active during your training sessions. Therefore, you will save on time when you are in the gym.


It is a combination of three exercises that involves rapid succession.

Giant superset

This one pushes you past the point of fatigue. You have more blood in your muscle when performing giant sets. However, I usually recommend it to advance lifters only.

Alright, we have such a background on what supersets are. Now you will be in an excellent position to understand why you need to incorporate them in your workouts.

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You gain strength instantly

An alternating agonist to antagonist muscle exercise has a significant effect on energy output. For instance, you can add approximately 10 pounds to your flat bench press. It happens by naturally stimulating back muscles before your training sessions.

It allows for higher frequency

Supersets will enable you to increase the training session of a particular muscle group. When you focus on two muscle groups daily, you likely create room to work on the same muscle again at the course of the week.

It saves on time

The most challenging part of most workouts is time. People usually accomplish less compared to the time invested. However, supersets are efficient because they save time. Ordinarily, they involve pairing multiple exercises. However, do not put as a priority lifting heavy weights as a superset training. For lifting heavy weights you need to have some time for recovery.

High intensity and burns more calories

Performing supersets is an excellent way of making you look like a beast, since they keep your body active for a long time. Additionally, if you are keen on shedding off some weight, then this is what you need.


Supersets spice up your workouts. Their results are long-term. Besides, you will have fun while doing them. The most important thing is to do it right. If you are not sure, you need to consult a professional for guidance. Additionally, this is a long-term solution for spending less time in the gym and achieving more from your workouts.

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