Overcoming the fear of public speaking

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Most of us know that delivering public speech is very important. Many professions today require skill of presenting some information for audience. However, this is not the only case. Ability to have and use good speaking skills is important in many other spectres of life. For example, in case you want to request your boss for promotion or trying to get employed. Good public speaking skills help to share your ideas and achieve many goals. Therefore, it’s necessary to work on these skills.

Before discussing how to overcome the phobia of giving a public speech, it’s imperative to know about anxiety itself. Recognizing the origin of fear supports us to get an answer much smoother. In fact, all the forms of fear are acquired externally, including the fear of giving a public speech. Something changed in our lives and the way our minds interpreted the event left a fear in us. Probably, you have experienced public speaking which ended with failure.

Sometimes, during the presentation, the audience has no interest in the topic. Consequently, people do their business without paying attention to the speaker. It might also be vice versa, meaning lack of experience. When you present the information for the first time it’s also very scary. However, there is possibility to overcome that fear. Follow us through this article and learn the ways of presenting public speech.

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Interesting facts about fear of public speaking

There is special term for fear of public speaking, namely glossophobia. Notably, there are particular symptoms of this type of phobia. Some of them are sweating, shaking, fast heartbeat, etc. According to a research, about 75% of people feel uncomfortable while public speech.

Delivering a public speech can be hard. Consequently, do not think that you are weak if you have a fear of public speaking. If you wish to grasp exactly how troublesome it can be, there is a simple example. For each brilliant and articulate public speech that any public person speaks, there is a special team. Accordingly, they record the presentation speech long period of time trying to perfect it. Afterwards, while presenting, the speaker has special cards with notes on what to say next.

Tips on how to overcome the fear of giving a public speech

Surely, you might not have a special team for preparing public speech for you. So what should you do about mastering the fear of public speaking? There are various effective actions that you can apply. You’ll find out that if you give it more time to practice, you can deliver an excellent public speech.

Always plan ahead

If you know you’re going to give a public speech, do not delay the preparation step until the last moment. Therefore, start preparing ahead just for your memory to get familiarized with main points of your speech. As a result, you will decrease the level of the fear. Do a research, write down the structure of your speech. Besides, try to guess what questions your audience might ask from you. The deeper you know the subject, the better you’re prepared.

Do a mental projection before a public speech

This is a surpassing way of winning a fear of presenting a public speech. All you are required to do is to relax and visualize yourself delivering the speech. Thus, you are equipping your mind further and further to challenge the difficulty. Make sure that as you envision, you imagine your fans, too – they are listening attentively and apprehending what your public speech.

Prepare cards with notes

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

You have probably noticed that managers of prominent organizations often deliver a public speech with cards. Likewise, make sure that you write down main points of your presentation,too. Interestingly, when you write the information with your hands (not type), you remember it more efficiently. Thus, you might use this technique, too. Moreover, do not write long sentences. The ideas must be clear and comprehensive. Besides, try not to look at your notes all the time. You must remember as much as possible, while cards serve as a guidance.

Ask for help

According to a research, people with experience of public speaking can be very useful. Notably, if a person is successful in public speaking, then he can teach you, too. It would be very efficient way of learning practical tips from someone experienced. In order to maximize the efficiency of using someone’s help, I advise you to be prepared. Try to come with the draft version of your speech, Power Point Presenation slides, and other materials. As a result, you will get more particular recommendations, instead of just vague explanations. Moreover, you will make it easier for your “teacher” to direct you.

Record yourself

In fact, when you can see how you’re performing, it’s better to notice your mistakes. Therefore, when you have the written script, cards, presentation slides (if necessary), then switch to this stage. Start delivering your speech to the imaginary audience, while recording yourself on a video camera. If you don’t have one, record your voice and stand in front of the mirror.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking
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It’s necessary to see your gestures, body language, posture, and how appealing you are. The voice must be confident and loud enough, the pace of your speech must not be fast. Remember about the people sitting in the back. Your voice and message must reach them, too! Practice how you’re going to use your cards if you forget something. It’s important to look natural. Undoubtedly, you will feel uncomfortable on the stage. Though, you should not demonstrate it with your nervous behaviour. Accordingly, you should correct all these details to make your speech as perfect as possible.

“The only way to learn to speak is to speak and speak, and speak and speak, and speak and speak and speak”

Elbert Hubbard

Overcoming fear of giving a public speech is a completely in subconscious. Again you need to practice, plan ahead and work on the mistakes. Always remember that thousands of people have overcome the fear of delivering a public speech. Accordingly, you can do it, too! You can learn more on this matter from the video below. The presenter here used to have fear of public speaking. However, he could solve the problem. So, you can learn from his practice.

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