Spring Fairytale: Cities Worth Visiting in the Spring


Spring has already come. So, you’re probably looking for a place to visit for a relaxing vacation, perhaps a quick weekend. Blooming flowers, sunny mornings, and singing birds-Mother Nature at its happiest times.There are a lot of cities that become exceptionally beautiful in the spring. That is why this is our subject for this article. Look no more; this is your complete guide to the most outstanding cities in spring.

1.Tokyo, Japan – A Beautiful View of A Thousand Cherry Trees

Sakura in the spring
Bady QB

Maybe we should call them sakura as the people of Japan call them. Tokyo is exceptionally beautiful in spring as the sakura trees bloom all around the city. The perfect time to visit the city would be around the start of April. It’s the official start of spring in Japan, as well as the academic and financial years. Consequently, you can see how important this date is. Notably, Japanese people have certain rituals, when observing the blossoms. If you want to enjoy spring like Japanese people do, get yourself a traditional bento box (japanese for lunchbox). Then, head to the nearest park to enjoy a meal under the cherry trees. Shinjuku Gyoen is an ideal option, as it is not overly crowded. Moreover, it is one of the most alluring sights in Tokyo.

2.Glacier Bay, Alaska – Extraordinary Destination For Unusual Spring

Robyn Carmel

You might be thinking, ‘Alaska? We’re talking spring here!’ But if you seek more than blossoming flowers and singing birds, Glacier Bay should be your pick. It’s the spot for sea- animal- lovers. Especially those keen on whales, orcas, and humpbacks. The sea mammals start showing up at late April. And till the middle of May you are sure to find any kind of sea creature you seek. In addition, you’ll enjoy beautiful landscapes of snow-covered mountains while on land. In fact, things tend to be still green and the weather comfortably cool. You can take a cruise ship to give you a true tour of the place. Moreover, you can visit the national park to enjoy the sea mammals-related activities.

3.Monaco, France – Small in Size but Bustling with Life and Activity

Monaco during day time
Julien Lanoy

Monaco may be the world’s smallest country. However, that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the best destinations to visit for a spring visit. The weather is perfectly warm, the markets are bustling with life. Besides, the food halls are full with visitors, yet the crowds are never too overwhelming. If you love the sea, then make sure to stop at Fontvieille Harbour. Here, you can rent a boat for a short ride. If cruising might not be your thing. Then, just visiting the port at dusk to take in the breathtaking sight is a wonderful alternative.

4.Sultanate of Oman – Greenery in Its Most Quintessential Forms

Abu Dhabi

Probably, you want to spend spring in the conventional form. For example, by enjoying green sights and observing happy blossoms. Therefore, head to the Green Mountain of Oman. The locals call it Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar in native Arabic. As March makes its way into the year, it would be already blooming with lovely Damask roses all over. If you want to pamper yourself to the highest level, book a suite at the cliff top hotel. Thus, you will enjoy the finest view of this natural masterpiece.

5.Glasgow, Scotland – When a Cultural Vacation is Requested

Glasgow in the evening
Tanasut Chindasuthi

Although this type of vacation isn’t limited to the spring months, Glasgow is comfortable place during March, April or May. The city wouldn’t be bustling with summer tourists yet. Also, the weather would be cool and pleasant. Glasgow may not be Scotland’s capital and it is definitely smaller than Edinburgh. However, the cultural beauty of the city is outstanding. Enrich your artistic senses by visiting the Scottish Opera and the National Theatre of Scotland. Furthermore, you cannot stop by Glasgow and not watch a piece of the Scottish ballet. Moreover, the number of galleries and museums might be overwhelming. Consequently, it would certainly need more than a quick weekend vacation to catch on all of that.


These were the most breathtaking cities that would make perfect destinations to visit in spring. Whether you are looking for green landscapes, enriching your culture or seeing more sea life, one of these cities will be worth your time. Just decide what you seek and plan ahead your spring fairytale.

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