Smart Startup Decisions to Promote Your Business

Smart Startup Decisions to Promote your Business

Entrepreneurs don’t have enough financial sources to spend on advertising in the early stages. In fact, studies show that marketing is one of the giant challenges that new businesses face. It is even more challenging to stand out when more than 50 million startups launch every year. But even if the competition is tough, you must dedicate resources towards promoting your venture. Here’s a skinny on some of the decisions you should make to ensure your startup stands out:


Currently one of the most effective ways for promoting a startup is with webinars. This strategy allows you to tell viewers about your product/company without any time restriction. In fact, you can pre-sell unreleased products or schedule when to release content for your blog or service. Coming up with an effective webinar is not that hard. All you need to do is come up with an audience-driven topic and getting the right viewers on board.

But, to get a larger audience you must promote your webinar to increase attendance. Also, to engage your audience more, attempt to run your webinar live. For example, use tools like YouTube and Facebook live. This type of live streaming is becoming popular across the market, as it is easily accessible with just a few clicks. Therefore, there are many advantages for your startup.

Smart Startup Decisions to Promote your Business
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2. Content marketing

Content marketing comes in different kinds, but none requires heavy investment. Probably the easiest way to start is to run your own on-site blog and create posts. You can create a timetable and add new posts every week or daily. However, you should post both informative and entertaining content in a unique way. For an even effective content marketing plan, you can schedule paid promotions- even if it means for a short time. Alternatively, you can redesign your content to gain a new audience. You can turn your blog into a video or you can compile several posts to create a free course, etc. I hope you get the idea. Other forms of content marketing include videos, podcasts, and infographics.

3. Social media marketing

If you want to run a successful startup, then your brand should be interactive on all social media platforms. Although, you can’t do it casually. With time you can master the basics and use it to generate leads. Remember to start on the major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Therefore, establish your profiles in these platforms. After, start creating content that your target market fancies. Why use large major platforms? Well, these platforms already understand their role in business marketing. For instance, major social media accounts have either personal or business account, each with customized features. Since joining social media is free, use business accounts that will effectively promote your brand.

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4. Consider offline marketing for startups

The online realm may have taken over. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely shun the idea of offline marketing. Things like business cards, networking at local events, putting word on the streets can be beneficial. For a new business, it is important to know how you build your first customers. Of course, online presence is key. But the effectiveness of a solid local presence is indispensable. Just remember to have a clear understanding of how your target audience spends their time. Therefore, identify who are your customers and where you find them. Notably, you should the set the core principles and ideas of your business. Afterwards, you start creating the strategy on how to promote.

5. Shift Focus to Individuals

Marketing to your target audience is one thing. But then the ROI matters. About 85% of your revenue will come from just 15-20% of your customers. So, it is important to put more effort on customers who have already bought your products. Building up on a one-time buyer may turn a few to loyal customers. Furthermore, those who have already tested the product easily convince people to buy. As you focus on the able customers, you will soon find their sweet spots.

In conclusion, to promote your startup, it is imperative to try out several marketing strategies. In fact, test all of them and find out what works best. Set aside some cash to finance short-term projects and use content marketing integrated with lots of videos. Also, employ social media techniques. Besides, never forget to throw in a bit of offline marketing in the mix. With a well-calculated plan, you can come up with an effective marketing strategy. Your young venture depends on marketing: if you want to see it on the next level.

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