Why do I Like Popping Pimples?

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Well, a pimple is definitely the last thing you want to see on any part of your body. It is not only annoying but can also be very painful even at the slightest touch. This can make you very uncomfortable. As a reaction to this discomfort, we always want to pop the pimple either to get rid of the pain or to make it disappear completely.

Many people grapple with this issue for most of their lives. Others, however, have pimples appearing only occasionally due to allergies or simply a change in the environment. But we can all agree that when you notice a pimple on your body, you can’t stop thinking about it until you pop it. Ironically, some people do enjoy popping pimples and can’t wait for one to appear! It would be interesting to know why we like popping pimples. This article attempts to tackle that very question.

Why We Always Want to Pop our Pimples

Well, popping the pimples is almost certainly an adaptive trait that comes from our ancestors. People who had pimples were considered diseased and were avoided by other people who knew that they could be infected. Disgust and squeamishness are the useful evolutionary adaptation because they kept our ancestors from touching things that might threatened their health. Therefore, if the pimple appeared, our ancestors wanted to eliminate it as soon as possible in order not to be avoided and rejected!

Also, the habit of getting rid of something that doesn’t naturally belong to your body is an intuitive reaction. This urge is heightened by the fact that this foreign thing is constantly causing you pain and discomfort. Take a small insect crawling on your body for example, you usually notice its presence almost immediately, and you always know exactly where it is. Why? It is only because the insect is foreign and our bodies are made to intuitively reject and try to eject intruders. The skin, being very sensitive, will alert you when a pimple invasion occurs, and you can’t help but try to get rid of it.

Is Popping Pimples Good for our Skin?

Because we can’t seem to resist the urge of popping pimples, we need to be aware of the effects that it usually has on our skin. Experts and dermatologists all advise against popping pimples due to its bad effects on the skin. A pimple begins to hurt when it becomes full with excess dead skin cells, bacteria, sebum and pus. Consequently, we often incorrectly conclude that the pimple is ready to pop.

What happens when you squeeze the pimple 

Most of us go straight to squeezing without stopping to ask ourselves what is happening under the skin. The swollen pimple, therefore, ends up being put under a lot of pressure. The real problem arises when you squeeze the pimple and accidentally force all the detritus deeper inside the follicle. Doing this could make the follicle walls rupture and spill all the contaminated material into the lower layer of the skin (the dermis). Infected material can still make its way deeper into the dermis even if pus is coming out from the pore.

popping pimple adverse to skin dangerous infection may penetrate into bloodPopping a pimple worsens blemishes and can also cause scarring. This has happened to many of us: after popping a pimple, another one appears right next to the popped one or the older pimple is replaced by an even bigger one. Was the pimple not supposed to go away after the popping? That never happens.

The damage caused by popping a pimple not only happens below the surface but also on the visible skin. Instead of squeezing a pimple and leaving your skin red and swollen, let it disappear on its own. There is also the risk of turning that pimple into a more serious type of blemish if you do a lot of squeezing.

When the skin is damaged, tissue is lost during the healing process. So, the greater the damage you do to your skin, the more tissue you lose. Some popped pimples leave dark marks on our bodies even after they heal. That may interfere with a person’s self-esteem especially if the pimples are on the face or another visible part of the body.

How to Take Care of Pimples in a Safe Way

Well, again: it is not safe to pop a pimple at all. But if you really have to, you should consider choosing safer ways to take care of the pimples and the right time too. You can gently squeeze the pimple and allow the pus to come out. Do not exert too much pressure to avoid damaging your skin. You should make sure to wash your face properly to remove excess oil and sweat from the skin.

Pimples could appear at some point in your life. Always work towards a moisturized skin and stay hydrated. Avoiding the sun will prevent your skin from drying up and worsening your pimples.

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