Answering Interview Questions

Answering interview questions

Most people, if not all, would love to land their dream jobs. Their dream would be working in Corporate company, NGO,s, Law Firms, ICT companies among others. One may have all the neccessary qualifications in order to get employment. Though, it is not as easy as it sounds. What really stands you and your dream company, other than your qualifications, is an interview. Therefore, it’s necessary to be ready to answer employer’s questions. Here is the list of most popular interview questions. Moreover, you’ll find guidance on how to answer these correctly. Keep reading and comment if you any suggestions.

What is an interview?

An interview is basically a conversation involving questions to the job applicant from the potential employer. Most employers use this as a tool to hire the most qualified applicant. For most job applicants this is what scares them the most. Failing in an interview is very devastating, since it will pull you two steps back. That is why it is important to be very prepared for an interview.

For one to pass in an interview it is good to have a good resume beforehand. This will speak volumes of who you really are and will help you get closer to earning that job. Additionally, one should be prepared for the kind of questions you will be asked. You can do a mock interview, try going through a set of questions. Thus, you’ll prepare yourself so that you can make yourself comfortable around those questions. Once you get into the interview room you can use an ice breaker and lighten the mood of the room. Consequently, you can be comfortable and also make the interviewers comfortable around you.

Answering Interview Questions

Tell us about yourself

The first question in an interview usually comes in the form of an invitation. Most employers will ask you to describe your self and why you think you are qualified for that job. You should give a brief description of yourself, what you do. Also mention how your previous job or experience has prepared you for that job. Your pitch should be really compelling. Accordingly, you should make the employer see that you will be a valuable asset to them.

Answering interview questions
Johanna Buguet

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Employers are also interested in your strengths and weaknesses. When answering the question about your strengths, your answer should be relevant. That is, it should be in line with the particular job specification. When it comes to your weaknesses you should be honest. Also as you mention it, you should state how you are planning to improve your weakness. For instance, it may be through practice or training. Preferably, not to mention the weakness that can affect that position you want to get. Moreover, try to give examples of how you overcame your weaknesses in the past.

Why do you want this position?

Most employers love people who are passionate about their jobs. When interviewing employees they love to see this aspect brought out when they ask them why they want that particular job. Your answer should show them how that position is a perfect fit for you. Moreover, say how it is a big step in terms of your career. You can also state how the job meets your professional needs. Notably, you’ll win if you link this to particular characteristics of the company you want to work for. For instance, say that their company strategy appeals you. Or that you are specialized in the products they supply.

Why are you leaving your current job?

Additionally, in interviews, the interviewers would love to know why you are leaving your current job. This may be due to the fact you were fired or you simply quit. In the event you were fired you can be honest as to why your previous manager let you go. You can position that reason so that it can come out as a learning experience or stepping stone in your career. As to why you quit your job you can be short and to the point. It’s better to say that you want to develop yourself further and this position is a good opportunity for that. In any case, do not say negatively about your previous job or company. Employers hesitate to hire an employee who speaks negatively about the company.

How did you know about this position?

Interviewers or potential employers may also want to know how you came to know about the vacant position. Also, they would like to hear what you know about the company. You can briefly describe to the panel how you came to know about the vacancy. Besides, say what really caught your eye about the advertisement. Moreover, on how you know about the company you can answer the question by sharing a part of the company’s goals, mission or vision and how it relates to your personal goals.

Answering interview questions
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How do you solve conflict situations?

Another important aspect the employer is interested in how well you dealt with conflict in your past job. The employer is mainly interest in your problem-solving skills. When answering this question you can be creative and say employ the S-T-A-R technique. You simply specify how the kind of situation you were involved in, and what your task was at that time. Once the conflict arose what actions did you take personally and what was the outcome. This will show the interviewer to what extent you can do so as to solve problems.

Do you have any questions?

Finally, most interviews end with the interviewer asking you if you have any questions for them. It is important for you to also ask the interviewer questions. You should ask questions that will make you know more about the company itself, its products among other important things. This will show that you really are interested and serious about the job.

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