What is a good boss?

What is a good boss?
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Your boss is probably the most important person at your workplace. After all, he is the one everyone seeks to please and make sure he’s satisfied. Well, if you are lucky enough to work for a good boss, it can be a very motivating experience. A good boss is also a good leader. The one that can inspire his teammates to push their limits and give work their best while enjoying their job all the same.

But what are the qualities of a good boss? What can one do so that he is regarded as an influencing leader and not just the ‘main guy’ at a workplace? There are lots of qualities and traits one must have. It’s a matter of how to do it all together in a strong, stable way. Employees respect a such leader. Undoubtedly, their productivity always increases in presence of an inspiring figure. In this article, we will cover these qualities and traits in detail.

#1 – They Know Exactly What To Do and How – A Clear Vision:

It always helps an employee when they know why they do what they do. In fact, it helps find a motivation that drives them to put all the hard work into the job every single day. A good leader will have a clear imagination and a solid plan to execute it. Thus, he can make the goals clear to his employees. Also, he innovates methods to achieve them and influences his teammates in performing better.

#2 – They Can Make The Right Decision at the Right Time – Decisive:

What is a good boss?This is one of the biggest factors to contribute to having a strong boss. Surely, making right decisions is an important trait of a good boss as well. A good boss is decisive. Therefore, he knows how to make the right decision at the correct timing. He isn’t hasty nor is he shaky. He gathers all the important information he needs. After balancing matters, he makes a clear, strong decision.

#3 – Good Boss; Caring and Compassionate Boss – Supportive:

We are all humans and at one point or the other, an employee will go through a hard time. An emergency is not excluded, too. A true leader can be sympathetic in such cases. Showing his human side and understanding what his fellow teammate is going through is necessary. However, be careful that there is a very thin line between being an understanding boss and a weak boss. Being compassionate doesn’t mean being weak. Though, a strong boss will know how to balance situations and act properly on them.

#4 – He Is One of the Team, Not Above The Team – Teammates:

Do you realize how in the article, we have always referred to employees as ‘teammates?’ This is because a good boss will never regard himself as an independent from the rest of the team. On the contrary, he will always share both credit and blame. Imagine you give work all your best, yet your boss takes all the rewards and thanks? It can be very demotivating. However, if your boss mentions every single person’s contributions and how they make a difference, it can have a great effect on pushing you forward.

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Likewise, a good leader will share the blame with the rest of his team. He will not just place it on its members while he runs away from the responsibility. If the employees can get the feeling that their boss is one of them and not above them, it strengthens the work environment greatly.

#5 – He Listens, Rewards and Trusts:

These three words are golden and crucial to the performance of a good boss. No boss is a leader without listening to his employees’ opinions. Also, without evaluating and putting employees’ perspectives in consideration. In addition, he praises good performance and rewards those who do exceptionally well. This raises the self-esteem of his employees and encourages them to keep it up.

It’s a simple, inexpensive way of showing them that quality work doesn’t go unnoticed. Most importantly, a good boss shows faith and trust in his teammates. Undoubtedly, it may be necessary at times to follow up and check over their work to make sure everything is going smoothly. However, this should be done without making the employees feel that they are being hawked over. Don’t make them feel like their work has to be revised over and over again.

Finally, it may take a lot of hard work, patience, and wisdom to become a ‘good boss’. But the results are very rewarding. You can earn your employees’ respect and love all while creating a healthy environment for work.

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