6 habits that destroy the nature

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It’s a well-known fact that it takes 21 days for a person to develop a habit or a routine. Of course, not all habits are good. Many of our everyday habits are harmful, though we might not know it. In fact, the majority of us have formed daily routines which are gradually destroying nature. Hopefully, we should realize the importance of natural habitats and why we shouldn’t harm them.

Unfortunately, in the recent past, our practices have lead to massive destruction of Mother Nature. Consequently, this has resulted to, for example, global warming. That consequently caused temperatures to rise beyond normal. Additionally, we’ve experienced the extinct of important minerals with significant economic benefits. To take this no further, we need to stop some of our nature-destructive habits. Below, find a list of 6 of these habits. There are also suggestions on how we can adopt new ways that are nature-friendly instead.

1. Use of transport

Firstly, we occasionally fly away for business purposes or go to work every day. Now, the means by which we travel is among the biggest environmental “destroyers” in our lives. Undoubtedly, it may not be possible to stop these habits because we need transport. Nonetheless, trying to decrease using them will profit the environment. Also, it’ll diminish local levels of pollution.

Consider leaving the car at home once or more every week and cycle or walk to work instead. Moreover, carpooling with workmates on alternate days and lift sharing can be great. Fuel economy shrinks swiftly over 60-mph, which urges you to keep within the speed limit while you drive. Ensure your car tyres have the right amount of air. Fully-functional tyres can save the fuel amount your car uses.

2. Leaving Lights On

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Secondly, most of the people don’t switch off when leaving a room for a moment. They think that it makes no big difference. But, this really has a lot of impact on the environment. Precisely, it saves a considerable energy source which can’t be restored. There are many energy benefits of switching off the lights the moment you leave a room. Nevertheless, this depends on your source of the lighting. Most of the time, you or other householders may forget. In this case, you can put post-it notes or stickers next to the light switches. This way, everyone will get a reminder to turn off the lights when leaving the room.

3. Boiling the Kettle

Thirdly, a lot of people have the habit of boiling a kettle so many times. This actually consumes a significant amount of power that’s sufficient to light an entire household. Energy efficient kettles are available which can assist reduce energy consumption. In fact, there are kettles which measure the amount of water needed for a pot or a mug of tea. This way, you will reduce guessing which can cause you a lot of money.

4. Having Farmed Meat

Fourthly, the habit of eating farmed meat incredibly damages the environment. It’s true; most of us aren’t ready to be vegetarian. Actually, people clear a lot of acres of rainforest to feed cattle. Further, the overgrazing of cattle happens to be one of the major reasons for soil depletion and climate pollution. To alleviate this situation, you might consider being vegan on specific days or weeks. Doing this will significantly decrease your carbon footprint.

5. Use of Plastic Bags

6 habits that destroy the nature
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Fifthly, this is a habit we can all admit that we have. Surprisingly, there’s a strong probability that all the plastic bags from home ends up into the ocean or even worse. Thus, it’s important to buy a cloth bag rather than keeping all the plastic bags in your house. There are companies that sell long-lasting and reusable bags which feature keyring attachments.

6. Wasting Paper

Lastly, our world massively uses papers. Even though a lot of them undergo recycling, we should try to reuse some. Really, we might think that recycling is completely important. But it’s also an energy-consuming process. At our homes, we can try to reuse some paper rather than throwing or burning them. Finding alternative usage of used papers will significantly reduce the energy used in recycling. On top of that, it will reduce the number of trees cut to make them. Eventually, this will save nature a great deal.

In conclusion, these are some of the many simple ways we can save nature. They are really easy to implement methods that anyone can start practicing to give more care to our environment. Remember, nature doesn’t need us, instead, we do. So, we have to ensure that we practice Eco-friendly habits in order to live in a better world.

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