Why French women remain fit?

Why French women remain fit?
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The fitness of French women is no news at all, as this has been their legacy for ages. An average French woman eats bread, pastries, cheese, butter, and even drinks wine. Yet, she remains fitter than other women in the world who stick to all sorts of diets and exercise routines. Isn’t it mysterious? Simply put, French women are exceptional. Though, there’s no law that says exceptional can’t be attained. In fact, exceptional women are made, not born. In other words, French women were not born fit, they made themselves fit. Here are possible reasons French women are fit.

French women love black coffee

How else do I say this? French women love their coffee black unlike any other average person who drinks coffee for its sweetness. French women are well aware of the benefits of black coffee. They know of its ability to make one intelligent, increase activeness, boost memory, cleanse the stomach, as well as reduce stress and depression. Furthermore, these women know black coffee also reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, improves cardiovascular health, and allows for graceful ageing. With all the benefits of black coffee, I must say French women are wise.

Why French women remain fit?
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Eat healthy and eat right

Unlike Native Americans who eat lots of junk food, French women know the importance of healthy eating. Rather than eating canned foods bought from departmental stores, they prefer to buy fresh products. In fact, they love cheese and less processed foods. They believe the less processed food is, the healthier it is. Unsurprisingly, French cuisine is so rich with delicious meals and foods. There are incredible sauces and desserts. Women here consume these foods, though balance is the key. Eating small portions helps them being in a good shape.

In addition to that, these women strongly support the idea of eating right. We all know the table manners, but how many of us follow it? Many prefer having breakfast in the car, lunch while walking, and dinner right in front of the TV. On the contrary, French women would rather spend time for having meal properly. They set the table well, savor the food gently, and step down with a glass of wine. Actually, having meal for them is an opportunity to have a break from fast running routine. They enjoy mealtime, instead of rushing chewing sandwich in the office in front of laptop.

French women walk everywhere

Why French women remain fit?
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That might sound funny. French women love walking a lot, but it’s true. We all enjoy our comfort too much to walk long distances because driving is better. Though, French women don’t see it that way. They don’t see walking as a discomfort. In fact, rather than going to spend money and time in the gym, they prefer to take the pleasure of walking.

They understand that when you walk, you burn calories. The same thing you do on a treadmill while paying for that. Also, they do other natural things like walking, dancing, and etc. All that indirectly counts as exercises and help remain them fit. If you can’t avoid driving car, then park it about 20-30 minutes away from your destination. Thus, the rest of the root you’ll have to walk.

They don’t try too hard

There’s a saying that too much of everything is bad and truly it is. An average French woman doesn’t try too hard to be fit. She just does what she has to do and freely lets everything fall in place. This is laissez- faire attitude to the way they live. Most women are obsessed with flat stomachs, bigger hips, tiny waist, apple shape and all that. Consequently, leading themselves to a daily routine of twenty something exercises.

Don’t forget about excessive dieting, which may even cause anorexia. French women avoid being obsessed about things like this. They eat moderately. It means that they allow themselves eating what they want in small portions. Consequently, they don’t feel unsatisfaction from depriving themselves from delicious food. Eating right is the secret.

Devote time for themselves

Children are undeniably wonderful creatures. However, women must have a break from them from time to time. Not only from children, but from family issues and work, too. French women are well aware of this, but they know how to stay in charge. They know how to tame their kids, rule their lives, and manage their work. Since they know stress reduces fitness, they focus on tackling areas in their life that might later stress them.

Apart from this, they also know the essence of treating oneself right. Going on a trip, having a massage or a long heavenly bath. Moreover, they focus on releasing from stress and feeling good. Many women around the world do unpleasant things to be beautiful. They follow the popular “no pain, no gain” strategy. However, it’s not correct. In France, women do what brings pleasure. If you have to suffer, then you won’t be beautiful and happy.

They know how to drink right

Why French women remain fit?
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It’s an old rule that probably everyone knows. Drinking lot of water is very beneficial for our bodies. By following this rule, you speed up your metabolism, detox your body, hydrate your skin. This is number one rule for French women. Many French models and actresses in the first place drink water in the morning. Notably, there are many variations of this method. Some prefer drinking warm water with lemon. Others love drinking high quality water with minerals. Except water, they know the importance of various herbal teas and consume them every day.

Beside these beverages, wine is also very popular in France. Some believe that wine helps to slow down the weight gain. However, there is no 100% guarantee or confirmation for this opinion. Some French women have their own secrets of drinking wine. For example, Jeanne Damas- French model- recommends to avoid fruits and juices during a day, if you plan to drink wine in the evening.

These are six possible reasons why French women are fit and will always remain fit. They prefer natural over artificial and live their lives freely. You might change your everyday habits to be like them. As a result, being fit andbeautiful won’t be problematic and painful. In turn, it’ll become your lifestyle. Love yourself and be beautiful!

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