16 Simple Steps To Feel Better About Yourself In 8 Days

We all try to start a new life with a new day, month, year… However, there is always something to deal with. So, here is list of optional tasks for 8 days. You may consider whether or not it is worthy to do every task, but completing 1 or 2 simple tasks daily could help you to find inspiration for more global challenges.

Day 1

Dollar for charity

There is no need in making large donations; even 1 dollar is worth to start. The important thing is to do it on purpose. There are a plenty of platforms in the internet which can help you to implement it (America’s Charity). Moreover, you can decide what charities will receive your donation.

Take all unwanted items to charity shop

Bet you have a lot of clothes that you do not wear. Instead of throwing things away just give them to charity store, so new owners will find it. It is a win-win situation when you need a fresh start and want to clear a mess, while your efforts could help people in need.

Day 2

Make a list of your achievements

Instead of self-reflecting, try to remember all achievements you have and compliment yourself for each one. Do not let destructive criticism insult you. Instead, focus on good intentions.

Do not hesitate to let out negative emotions

All your life you have been told that being angry, sad and anxious is bad, but it is not like that. Avoiding these emotions, will only drive you deeper in it and can lead to quite serious consequences. All your feelings have a right to exist and you need to be able to live with them.

Day 3

Buy products consciously

Did you know that at least one third of food produced is wasted, because people buy more than they actually consume? Try to evaluate your needs and reduce your leftovers. Tip: Prepare the list of products you need and stick to it while you are in the grocery. Day 4

Create a schedule of vaccinations

Vaccinations should be given to both children and adults and not only from the flu. Doctors recommend prophylactic vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus once every ten years. Furthermore, you can pre-pass the analysis for the presence of antibodies to a particular disease.

Day 4


Go to the swimming-pool, it is the best way to support your health; swimming has beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system and joints. Moreover, it is good opportunity to relax and gather your thoughts together.

Day 5

Daytime walking

It is important to raise level of vitamin D after winter break; 15-20 minute walks will be enough. So start going for lunch to café which is located a little bit farther than usual one.

Sleep well

The daily norm of sleep is -7-9 hours no less or more. Try to follow this regime and you will see that you feel yourself better; no fatigue, bad mood and etc. In order to cope with the task effectively you can use smart alarm-lamp, which simulates natural illumination and helps to wake up.

Day 6

Try to make your family happier

Pay more attention for close relatives; spend time with them more often. Do something that would please them. For example, buy tickets to a concert with their favorite singer or tickets to favorite play.

Make your childhood dream come true

Surely not all the wishes that you listed in your letter to Santa Claus came true. So, become your own Santa; allow yourself to eat a whole mountain of chocolate, go to concert, buy yourself a present. You do not have to wait till New Year to make yourself happier.

Day 7

Check all your mails out

Hundreds of unread messages are a good signal to sort out or delete them, so they do not cause anxiety and guilt. Try to do it and you feel yourself much better.

Spend less time in social media

Let’s be honest it is almost impossible to stop using social networks today completely. Moreover, there is no need, because there are a lot of interesting and useful things in the internet. However, if you reduce the amount of time spent on social media, you will procrastinate less and can cope with feeling of loneliness and symptoms of anxiety more effectively.

Day 8

Call someone you haven’t seen for a long time.

Try to renew communication with someone who for some reason disappeared from your life; school friend; relative; former colleague. Call them and offer to meet, who knows maybe it is a great way to start something new

Forgive yourself all mistakes

The best way to start something new is to leave all shame and mistakes behind. It is impossible to grow personally and professionally without making mistakes. Just repeat it and do not be so strict with yourself

We are not trying to convince you that above-mentioned steps will magically solve all your problems, however it can help to improve your physical and mental health; re-new relationship with old friends and get closer with your parents.


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