What You Should Know about BB, CC, DD and AA Creams and Their Differences!


Currently there are various types of creams in cosmetology for different target, age and problems. Beauty industry is developing day by day. It is important to mention that collaboration of beauty and health industries is making amazing care products. This article will state about one of the categories of these products: AA, BB, CC and DD creams.

The first cream in the list appeared on the market only 6 years ago, and the effect was similar to a bomb exploded: all brands, without exception, picked up the idea. It was BB cream. Soon this phenomenon followed with a triumphal launch of CC and DD creams.

What is the fundamental difference between these products from the usual foundation creams, what are the advantages of each and what tools in each category do experts recognize as the best? We figured it out.

BB creams.

Initially BB (abbreviation for beauty balm) appeared in Korea and has a position as an alternative to literally everything: it was proposed to use BB-cream instead of moisturizing, serum, primer and the tonal cream. Most popular companies immediately gave their products the name “5 in one” or even “10 in one”. In fact, this is marketing and nothing more: these funds cannot replace the moisturizer and serum.

The main advantage of BB cream is smoothing the face tone without creating a visible thick layer on the skin. The lighter texture of BB creams is the great finding for owners of oily skin, because, they create natural makeup and you should not be afraid that the product may “float”. Owners of dry skin also appreciated the novelty, since, again, unlike the dense foundation, it does not dry the skin, but softens it. Finally, an important advantage of the product was its ability to protect the skin from the sun. Manufacturers managed to achieve a chic effect: SPF up to 50 (Sun Protection Factor 50 means that your skin is under protection and it blocks 98% of Ultra Violet rays from the Sun), but without stickiness and oiliness.

The significant difference between BB and CC creams is that the BBs are improved versions of tonal creams, and the CCs are advanced correctors with toning effect.

CC creams.

CC stands for color correction. CC-creams create the tonal effect, correct skin tone, reducing the appearance of redness, pigmentation, the effects of acne and vascular reticulums. Therefore, the owners of oily skin are jubilant: the consistency and texture of CC creams is much easier! CCs are weightless and transparent. Important note: CC creams do not replace correctors, but only help them to accomplish their task. The main task of the CC cream is moisturizing, light covering and basic tone correction.

DD creams.

DD comes from the daily protection. The main purpose of these products is to ensure the quality of the lipid barrier on the skin and to protect the epidermis from the destructive effects of the environment: smog, exhaust gases, solar radiation and toxic substances. Manufacturers position them as anti-aging, but in fact they are rather preventive, that is, these creams do not correct age signs, but prevent their appearance. Additionally, they, of course, also tint the skin with a completely transparent texture, which only slightly corrects the skin tone.

AA creams.

Finally, the most popular and oldest cream is AA cream. An abbreviation of AA stands for anti-aging and these creams appeared in the market a long time ago but was not popular with its AA name.

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