Top 7 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating on You

Unfortunately, we all have to face betrayals from our second half. Cheating is painful, unexpected and sometimes you think that you do not want to know anything about it. However, there are some signs that can help you to identify cheater:

Cell-phone is like a third hand

Your partner takes his phone everywhere: before going to bed, he looks at the screen and checks it first in the mornings. He uses balcony or other room to answer “important” calls. Moreover, all your questions are faced anger and irritation like “connection is better there”. He writes someone all the time with an expression of absolute happiness on his face. Most probably he is cheating on you.

He is freaking out without the reason

“Are you hungry?”- “Leave me alone, it is too much pressure, you are not my mom”. If he did not lose his job, you didn’t fight the day before – you have to think about it. Sudden mood changes are characteristic of cheaters. It happens because they cannot usually handle feeling of guilt, so the best way to feel yourself better is to blame someone else.

Your partner became a workaholic

He spends more time in the office, has a lot of important meetings in the night and becomes nervous as soon as you ask questions on this topic. Obviously, it happens because he is trying to hide something.

He wants to look better

He goes to the gym, does not skip jogging, and chooses perfumes more careful. In general, it is normal if it is his usual behavior. However, if earlier he did not pay so much attention on his appearance and now he bought shampoo for beard; it should be an alarm sign.

He has a mass of new friends

It is harder and harder to make new acquaintances as soon as you get older. However, your second-half breaks all statistics. There is a mass of new friends in his life suddenly. All these wonderful people regularly invite him to drink some tea especially in the evenings. You are not invited for a number of reasons: bachelor party or “you will be bored there, dear”.

Your partner is madly jealous

It is common case when people project their own actions on you. He is cheating, why can’t you? So, there are more and more illogical scandals “who is always texting/calling you”, “why did you smile” and many others

Sex is not the same

We are not going to predict anything in this part. Because he may try to avoid sex or he becomes more insisting. He is rude or, conversely, too gentle lover. The main point you will immediately feel that sex is not the same anymore

Undoubtedly, it does not mean that your partner is one hundred percent cheating on you, may be he actually has new friends and works more in order to provide you with better things. So, do not panic and if you feel uncomfortable try to talk; good conversation can solve a lot of problems.


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