10 Most Popular Contraception Methods for Men

Most men consider that prevention of pregnancy as female responsibility. Nevertheless, men can and should take part in the protection of their partners from undesirable pregnancy too. Let’s study all methods of male contraception. 

1. Interrupted sexual intercourse.
One of the most unreliable male contraception methods. It is believed that the effectiveness of this method doesn’t exceed 70% and every third act can be dangerous. Because the body releases small amount of sperm at the beginning of sexual act. In addition, this “protection” can lead to sexual disorders for both partners.
2. Artificially prolonged sexual intercourse.
Also considered as unreliable methods. Yes, it prolongs the time of sexual enjoyment of partners and doesn’t lead to ejaculation, but at the same time cannot guarantee security. The sperm generation happens not only during orgasm but with generation of lubrication. In addition, frequent application of this method can lead to impotence and other man health issues (increase in arterial pressure and headache).
3. “Samurai Egg”.
Hot scrotum is an ancient Japanese method of temporary sterilization of a male by raising the temperature in the scrotum. You can achieve it having a daily hot bath at 46.6 C° for 45 minutes during a month. Overheat of testicles leads to disfunction of sperm production. By the way, the effect remains the same when you spend more than 4 hours sitting in car. These procedures make a man sterile for almost 6 months. After some time everything is restored, but it can increase risk of developing cancer.
4. Condom. 


This is the best option for men. Modern technologies offer solid and ultra-thin latex condoms of various lengths, colors and flavors. However, the condom can break. In order to use it correctly, you need to be very accurate and have certain skills.
5. Hormonal drugs.
Drugs containing “androgens and antiandrogens” (large doses of testosterone) that cause azoospermia (disappearance of sperm) and temporary infertility. Overindulgence of the drugs can develop cancer of testicles.
6. Subcutaneous implant. 
The surgeon implants ampoules containing “androgens” under the skin and they dissolve within 2-4 weeks. The effect of that procedure lasts for 3-5 months. Sometimes it can be followed with side effects as headaches, convulsions of genitals, etc. This area of medicine is developing and doctors are searching for methods of effect prolongation to 6 months and 1 year.
7. The drug containing “cyproterone acetate”.
This is the same pill for women but for men. Regular consumption of the drug leads to sterilization and decrease in the sperm amount. Cessation of consuming the pill restores the sperm, but it is not clear when a man will be able to fertilize.
8. Vasoresection. 
This is a bonding of spermatic cord, which can be untied at any time. It is known as an ideal method in the treatment of sexual weakness, the prophylaxis of inflammatory changes after removal of a prostate tumor.
9. Polyurethane stopper. 
The surgery include injection or substance into the sperm ducts. This substance fixes and provide a contraceptive effect.
10. Men’s spiral.
Currently it is a little known methods of male contraception. The male spiral looks like a miniature umbrella, which is inserted through the head of the penis into the scrotum. There is a gel at the end of the spiral, which has a spermicidal action.
Men must consult with an andrologist in order to choose which of the methods is best applicable for him or to define treatment method.


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