13 Signs That You Are an Introvert

Usually people think that introverts are shy people who live in their own world. However, this is not entirely complete and correct representation. A person can be quite relaxed and usually does not show any signs of shyness, but also can be an introvert inside. So, there are some signs that you are actually an introvert:

You are not really excited to meet new people
It does not mean that you do not know how to be friends or have problems in communication. There are some people who have a constant desire to expand the circle of acquaintances; they usually can easily and quickly meet people. However, if you are an introvert, you just do not need it.
You can speak well, but do not usually participate in discussions
If a person is an introvert, it does not mean that he/she is not capable to connect words or is not able to speak in public. In most cases, introverts are brilliant speakers; however they do not like to answer questions or participate in disputes after.
You are a true friend
Introverts are very loyal and honest people usually. Moreover, they value friendship as a relationship and not as the benefits that it can bring.
Your friends are extroverts
Actually, it is quite natural that you have super-communicative friends. Moreover, usually these friends start your communication and friendship first. However, you try to keep them at distance sometimes, so you can be on your own when it is needed.
You do not like large crowds
Concerts, parties, meetings make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Yes, you do not have panic fear or attacks, but each time there is a subconscious desire to leave these places quickly.
You do not like interviews and job interviews
Usually such kind of events requires the ability to establish psychological ties with new people quickly. Introverts do not like it; they usually prefer written answers to personal communication.
Sometimes you just do nothing
Extroverts are always busy with something, always in the process. They are bored with being with themselves, and seek to fill this void with any action. Introverts, unlike them, are able to enjoy their own society and find pleasure in peace.
You prefer letters to calls
Your mobile phone does not ring too often, because all friends and colleagues have already realized that it is better to send text messages or emails. You don’t understand how and why you can solve problems by phone, if you have Gmail and Facebook
You have few very close friends
If you are an introvert, this does not mean that you have no friends at all. Most probably you have 2-3 friends; they are usually time-tested people who have come into your life for a reason. You have a great connection and understand each other easily.
You are polite
The vulnerability of introverts makes them more attentive to the feelings of others. They understand how insulting gesture or word can be, so they try to pay more attention for manners, etiquette and traditions.
You try to plan ahead
Extroverts are very spontaneous; they can go to world tour tomorrow and establish a new company the day after. However, introverts are not, yes, they have a lot of interesting ideas, but before they start implementing them, they prefer to plan everything in details.
You are able to keep a balance between communication and loneliness.
Although you do not feel completely uncomfortable with yourself and you perfectly understand the need for socialization. Therefore, you try, when you see it necessary, to go to parties, and social events.

So, if you notice some of these signs in your behavior, most probably, you are an introvert. Now you can learn a little bit more about your personality and understand your emotions better.

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