How Does a Menstrual Cycle Affect a Woman’s Mood?

The connection between the menstrual period and the behavior of woman has become much-discussed topic these days. Let’s check how unjustifiably female mood swings are associated with her monthly cycle. 
First phase of menstrual cycle.
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Do you always have too much energy and even want to make the feat? Nothing surprising: such a surge of strength and energy is the characteristic of the first phase of the menstrual cycle, which starts on 2nd to 5th days after the beginning of menstruation and lasts 10–14 days (until the final maturation of the egg and its release – ovulation). Medicine explains it very simply: the level of estrogen is constantly increasing. Estrogen is the guarantee of our femininity, beauty and good health.
But that is not all! Have you ever noticed that you like your reflection in the mirror more than usual? Exactly! The reason is that the effect of estrogens is not limited. Estrogens can change the skin too: elasticity is higher than usual as amount of hyaluronic acid is more too, it hides some small wrinkles.
Sebaceous glands amount decreases in this period and the skin is maximally protected from infections. What’s is more, the protection is in both ways: from outside infections and the ones that lurked inside the sebaceous ducts. That is, the probability of pimple appearance is reduced to minimum. By the way, specialists recommend this period for radical changes as your hair has the maximum degree of stability and minimum risk of thinning.
Finally, you have resistance to temperature extremes in this period. It means that you can walk around in mini-skirt without a coat and fell less cold than usual.
The next period is ovulation.
Ovulation lasts only a day in our bodies. During the ovulation, egg releases from the ovary and directs into the uterine cavity. Then, the egg is conveniently located in anticipation of the bearer – the spermatozoon. However, this is physiology. Actually, this period reflects in only one parameter: increase in libido. American researches have determined that the maximum number of treason is on this significant day.
Since continuous pregnancy is not included in the plans of a modern woman, one way or another, the next stage from ovulation to menstruation begins. Hormonal changes lead to a decrease in the amount of estrogen and an increase in the amount of progesterone. Progesterone increases appetite, relaxes the muscles so decreases stamina and retards liquids in your body so that you may have slight swelling and changes the mood.
Notorious premenstrual syndrome starts with the peak of negativity which occurs 2-5 days before the menstruation. According to previous paragraph, it is the fact that your skin changes this time too.
The skin’s bloody supply increases gradually and its sensitivity to male hormone and microbes increases as well. So the risk of acne development grows too. This statistics state that 70% of woman note the acne appearance in the second half of the cycle.
Hormones and mood.
Progesterone is a very specific hormone as every human body responds to it in a variety of way depending on different factors. For example, fragile women feel depression and mood changes. Feminine who always fight against diets and have a good appetite tend to feel attacks of wolf hunger. Finally, the older we get – the more we feel changes in our bodies. It is sad, but this is physiology. So here’s a simple and reliable way for you to deal with all symptoms: a bath or a sauna. First, it will help to eliminate puffiness and excess weight. Secondly, it can improve your mood. And thirdly, it will remove all the toxins from your body.


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