Forewarned is forearmed! Manipulation hacks – how to protect yourself

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Manipulation is common and people use it in one way or another. This means nothing but a high level of cautiousness is important for you to stand against it. Otherwise, you may be a victim of constant manipulation for a long time. Our consciousness of this kind of fraud is often determined by the knowledge of common manipulative tricks and gimmicks. Here, we tried to collect the most common and dangerous manipulation techniques to protect you from ill-wishers. 

Making apologies a must-accept

This usually happens among friends. Some of your friends will hurt you deliberately and apologize thereafter. And after a while, however, they will repeat what they did before. What makes it manipulative is that the apology is a gimmick. They are not truly sorry. Unfortunately, when you refuse to accept their apologies, others will be against you for refusing to let it go. Nobody will blame them for hurting you but most people will blame you for not accepting their apologies.

That way, you may be forced to keep accepting their apologies repeatedly. That is pure manipulation. What you should do in this situation is to give a condition for accepting their apologies. Accept their apologies only if they agree that if they hurt you again, you reserve the right to ignore their apologies.

Blame game

This is the most common form of manipulation. People will blame you to make you feel guilty for taking certain action just because they will benefit if you did otherwise. Consider this scenario. In a football game, retaliation is considered to be a huge offence. So, imagine a player was hit in the face by another player among their opponents. He was lucky and the referee didn’t see it. A few minutes later, the victim of the attack retaliated and was sent off the pitch.

The victim’s team lost because they had one man less. All the fans of his team that made comments on the issue blamed the player for retaliating. No one, however, blamed the other player for attacking him first. But the truth is that, even though the player was guilty of retaliating, the first player was guiltier for hitting him in the first place.

So, when people blame you for taking certain action it may be because it ran against them. It does not necessarily mean that you were wrong. So, instead of being swayed by their blames, search for your conscience. Once you are at peace with your conscience, you will forget about the blamers.

Soliloquy (aloud)

This is another common manipulative gimmick, mostly used by women to manipulate their men to do certain things for them. It only happens when both of you are together. She will start talking to herself complaining about certain things. For instance, she may be complaining about all her shoes being old and out-of-fashion.

If you respond directly and try to explain why you can’t get her any shoes now, she will tell you she is just soliloquizing and no talking to anyone. It is a lie. She will never soliloquize if you were not around. Men also do it but not as much as women. It is a manipulative gimmick aimed at making you feel guilty of being insensitive to their plight. The way out is to always walk away when the soliloquy begins.

Seeking pity

Some people are good at playing the victim to manipulate you into doing their bidding. They pretend to be in a bad condition to get favour from others. The problem here is that these people end up getting funds as a form of assistance from people. While it is always good to help, never feel guilty if you are not able to. It does not make you a bad person if you can’t help someone just because they got used to obtaining something through being a victim all the time.


Men use this form of manipulation most and it is because women love compliments. So, they flatter them. When some men need something from a woman, they resort to flattery. And you know what? No matter how you try to shrug it off, when the man is persistent with his flattery, you will gradually give in. You will gradually believe flattery. Being able to differentiate between genuine compliments and outright flattery is great. 

Fake love

When people want to have a relationship with you for a certain benefit, they pretend to love you. This is the oldest form of manipulation. The most common reason why people engage in this act of deception is to have access to the victim’s wealth. Some people are skilful pretenders, so it may be a little difficult to differentiate a pretender from someone who really loves you. But here nothing but your gut will tell you what to do. Most often you will feel it, and you should believe yourself. However, having the right conversations from time to time with your partner will help bring everything to light. Honesty and open-mind are the keys to separating truths from lies.  

Final thoughts…

There are several other forms of manipulation apart from the ones discussed above so it is always good to make it a habit of satisfying only your conscience. Trust your gut, have open conversations with your friends and loved ones – sometimes, even if they have manipulative thoughts, these thoughts will be demolished by your honesty.


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