Is Freelancing Right For Me?

There are more and more people working from home today. However, society still has a suspicious attitude to such kind of work organization. If you thought about freelancing, you most probably had a lot of questions. This article is going to explain what freelancing is and why it can be good for you.

Freelancing allows you to manage your time properly; work when it is convenient and do what you really love. However, it has one drawback- you should control everything by yourself. Thus, if you want to choose freelance, you should understand following things:

1. How to work with clients
2. How to find new and good orders
3. How to maintain relationships with customers
4. How to improve your skills

Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. The majority of platforms such as UpWork can be really helpful. They offer you safety and control that you get money as soon as you finish all work. Moreover, they have the rate of customers, so you can see feedbacks and identify the most appropriate one. In order to improve your skills, you have to work on yourself, attend different courses and practice more. As you can see freelancing might be quite a good choice, however if you still have any doubts, we want to introduce the most common myths about freelancing:

Freelance is only for designers and copywriters

In fact, the choice of professions is much wider. First, freelancer is not always a person with laptop or tablet. A make-up artist, wedding photographer, model and accountant can be freelancers if they work for themselves. Secondly, person with a laptop is not necessarily designer or a text writer. Engineers, architects, marketing specialists, programmers and many others work through the Internet.

Freelance is only for introverts

This type of work is also suitable for extroverts; moreover, sometimes sociability is even mandatory. For example, recruiters in cleaning service; they usually are looking for professional house-keepers on the internet and invite suitable candidates. So, they need to communicate a lot both by phone and via messengers.

Freelance is not paid well

Actually it, mostly, depends on the field of activity and has nothing common with forms of employment. Copywriters and translators usually have a low earnings approximately $600-$700 per month. Engineers, developers and architects can get more than $2000 per month. However, there are no any limits and it also depends on experience and reputation.

Freelance is a temporary solution

Yes, if you do not take it seriously and think about freelance as a way to wait out bad times. However, if you invest in education and experience, you will get a high income. So, it depends on you and your attitude. There are a lot of people who have never crossed the threshold of office and are not going to do it. Furthermore, you can combine regular work with part-time job. You can work in the office from 9:00-17:00 and translate articles in the evenings.

All places are already taken

Even at the usual job no one will allow you to manage global corporation after your graduation; you will get maximum two trainees. Everything is exactly the same in freelancing. First, you work on reputation and then reputation works on you. It will be easier if you have already worked in this field. But chances are also real even if you are changing your career completely. Just do not expect results in 2-3 months, it will take much longer.

Freelance is a step back

Do not confuse freelancing and downshifting – refusal of a high position for finding yourself on a Bali beach. Freelancer is always ready to learn new things and take on challenging professional tasks. A photographer who takes pictures of weddings and newborn babies may gradually start working with model agencies and glossy magazines. A copywriter who, at the beginning of his career, wrote descriptions for goods, eventually goes over to articles and then becomes an editor.

As you can see freelancing is not as bad as people used to think about it. Moreover, it has a lot of benefits: you can work from home and can choose your working hours yourself. However, it is a job and if you want to achieve something you should constantly work on yourself.

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