Yoga or Pilates: What to Choose?


Many people believe that Pilates and Yoga are very similar phenomena and, in general, it does not matter which one to practice. However, it is necessary to understand what is the difference between Yoga and Pilates.

Pilates is in some way very similar to yoga, and in some ways it is very different from it. First of all, Pilates and Yoga are exercises aimed at improving and strengthening the body. The workout does not include strength exercises and techniques. In addition, neither Pilates nor Yoga will help you to get rid of extra pounds in short time as both of them show the result in the long run.


Both of these practices do not imply fast movements and multiple repetitions, but at the same time they help to form a relief, develop endurance, achieve mental equilibrium, and raise self-esteem.

The fact is that yoga and pilates are similar in their technique of exercise and some poses. All exercises are performed slowly and it is very important to follow the breathing strategy during the sessions and it is not necessary to do a lot of repetitions in each approach, because it is important to do one exercise perfectly correctly and accurately. Neither Pilates nor yoga at the initial stage of training is recommended to practice independently, it is better to begin your practice under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Despite the apparent static nature of both types of fitness, there are a lot of interesting exercises in yoga an pilates. Both of these workouts help to remove extra pounds, create a correct posture, changing the slow muscles. Additionally, pilates and yoga develop the flexibility of muscles and joints, restore the body’s natural grace and measured breathing. Exercises provide the right balance to the body and improve coordination. Pilates and yoga instructors always focus on the technique of exercise, accuracy and accuracy of all movements.

The fitness system differentiate these two workouts, because they are not similar to each other in their essence and internal direction, as well as in their approach to the organization of training.


Yoga is a whole system that was created a thousand years ago. Yoga practice is the spiritual tradition, history, experience and wisdom of many generations. This is the way that helps to know oneself, penetrate into one’s consciousness and make oneself better in physical and spiritual senses. Ordinary people understand doing yoga as creating of a balance between spiritual and physical conditions. It is an excellent tool against stress as it helps to lower blood pressure, develop concentration and balance. Many people who choose yoga as a type of fitness often get involved in yoga philosophy too.


Yoga exercises are poses (asanas) that are held for several minutes. Exercise itself does not involve any movement – only proper breathing. People need asanas for stretching and strengthening the muscles with the help of static fixation of one position of the body. At the same time, yoga treats the back and stretches the spine. In fact, each exercise requires reflection and understanding, the instructor urges to be concentrated.


Pilates is one of the newest forms of fitness. Joseph Pilates have developed this practice in the 20th century. He designed the system to help soldiers wounded in war to get shaped. Now pilates is used to develop strength and endurance, and mostly classes are designed for women. Pilates is a recovery system that is aimed to create a healthy and fit body strengthening bones and muscles.

The essence of pilates exercises is to smoothly perform certain movements according to certain rules, almost always with repetition. Also pilates classes are often held with the use of additional equipment – elastic bands, fitball, a special simulator. There is no philosophy in pilates.

Both yoga and pilates are positioned as exercises aimed at training the mind and body. If you choose yoga classes, you should be ready to work on yourself and you will need to learn to manage your own strength and emotions, and try to achieve a positive attitude and peace.

Furthermore, the difference between yoga and pilates is in the breathing technique. In pilates, breathing is used to nourish the muscles with oxygen. Meanwhile, yoga provides an ability to control your body and soul.

In point of fact, both of the exercise types are very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Proper practice will demonstrate the results in long run period. Your body will stay healthy, strong and beautiful.  😉

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