Surprising Facts about Your Egg-Shaped Sponge

Beauty blender has become almost one of the most popular tools of beauty in short period. If you plan to use it but cannot decide whether to use it or not, read this article to identify the advantages of using this tool, types and usage tips.

How to use a beauty blender?

If you wonder why all make-up artists are in love with this ordinary sponge, then you should know – there is nothing that this tool could not do. It helps to apply and perfectly distribute the tone foundation, care cream and tanning cream.

A beauty blender should wet in order to be used. You need to dip it in a cup of water and squeeze. Wet sponge will not only provide you with the perfect application of a tonal base, but save your expensive cosmetics too. When you wet a blender, it absorbs water and grows in size. This ensures that your makeup is not absorbed by a sponge.


The tonal basis should not be rubbed, but “driven in”. You can easily apply the makeup ingredients with patting movements and shade it. In addition, this method helps to achieve greater coverage using less product.


Why does the beauty blender have an egg-shape form?

The egg-shape of a sponge allows you to use rounded edges to apply makeup on large areas of the face, such as cheeks and forehead. Use the sharp edge for hard-to-reach areas that need precision, such as the wings of the nose (alas of the nose), the area under the eyes and along the lips. When it comes to contouring, use the pointed end of the sponge for applying, and the “blunt” one for shading.

Colors of blenders.

Did you know that beauty blenders of different colors serve different purposes? Pink Original fits with any cosmetic product. However, if you want to use dark bases or tanning, it is better to choose black Beauty Blender aka Pro, since it is less susceptible to staining. The white sponge (or Pure) does not contain dyes and is designed specifically for applying the skin care products such as moisturizers and serums.

Usage tips.

Using this gadget simplifies our makeup routine. But we need to remember that our makeup cannot harm our skin and should be safe and clean. Thus, makeup tools must be kept clean and sanitized. Let`s learn the most popular and effective ways to keep your beauty blender clean.

Method 1: Clean the beauty blender in 2 minutes!

This method was recommended and posted Laureen on Twitter. Her post was shared over 2,900 times and collected almost 10 thousand likes! So it means that this way works. The blogger put the beauty blender in hot water with a dish-washing liquid for one minute. Then she put this bowl in the microwave for one minute. When she got her sponge: it was completely cleaned out of tonal creams and other cosmetics, grease stains and bacteria.

Method 2: Clean the beauty blender immediately after using.

The best option to keep your sponge clean is to wash it immediately after using. If you clean the blender as soon as you use it for makeup, it will not use its shape and texture and will serve for long period. You can wash the gadget with a special cleaning tool or with something that removes grease well.

Method 3: Double cleansing of a beauty blender.

If you are familiar with the system of double washing of the face, you probably know what it is about. This is when you first cleanse your face with a special oil product (such as a hydrophilic oil), and then wash off the oil with gel or foam. Cosmologists and consumers advise you to do the same with beauty lender: remove dirt with an oil and wash your sponge with a detergent. Ready to use again!

However, it is recommended to replace the sponge every three months. As soon as it reaches the expiration date, you can use it for creating an ombre nail designs or removing the makeup. 🙂

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