Free love: Things You Need To Know Before Trying an Open Relationship

The phenomenon of open relationship is quite popular today. Some people do not accept it, but for others it is quite convenient. So, if you feel comfortable without being the only one for your second-half it is up to you. But there are some things you need to know before starting it.

 What is the concept?

An open relationship is when people in relationship decide to try non-monogamy. In other words, they can build new romantic relationship outside or just find new sex partners. Actually, it has no particular guidelines and mostly depends on the couple and what levels of involvement with secondary partners feels comfortable for them. Most probably, you have a question «how does it work? » unfortunately, we do not have exact answer, but we have held some research and it shows that open relationship are all about trust and discussion. There are several tips from people who have practiced free love for a while.

Is it right for you and your partner?

First of all ask yourself a question “Why do I need it?” and try to answer honestly. If you are just trying to satisfy your partner or follow the mainstream you should not even start it. Next, write the list of pros and cons, because there should not be any surprises and it is better to understand what to expect beforehand. Also make sure that you partner is totally okay with this kind of love; it happens that in many couples with open relationship one of the partners reveal that he/she likes idea more than practice. Moreover, do not do it to save your relationship. Opening relationship will not help you to fix yours; on the contrary, it will burn and crash it. The reason is that in open relationship you have to trust each other, but if you feel unhappy and have trust issues, it will not work, because successful open relationships come from the happy one.

You’ve chosen an open relationship. What is next?

So, you are okay with all above-mentioned points and want to try free love, here are some tips to make it right. You have to set boundaries. Is it okay to have romantic attachments to other people? Maybe it is all about new sex partners? What should you do if you have feelings to secondary partner? Will you discuss you experience? Yes, maybe it sounds crazy, but you should do it, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Do not forget that it is not just one-time conversation, you should discuss everything permanently and it will be easier to correct some aspects, thus both partners feel themselves comfortable. Follow those boundaries; with clear set of rules, it is easier to avoid scandals. Breaking the rules is cheating. You may be a little bit confused about it, like «cheating in relationship where you are allowed to sleep with other people? » Yes, it sounds crazy, but for people in open relationship cheating is breaking of trust, that is why it is important to follow rules. Your relationship should be in priority. Do not put outside partners above your second-half, however if you start feeling that something is wrong- talk. As you can see communications is very important, you should communicate more than couples in monogamous relationship. For example, you have changed your mind about particular rule; discuss it with your partner. Tell everything about your worries and expectations.   

To conclude we can say that it is all up to you; if you are good with sharing you partner then go ahead. But you should remember that successful non-monogamous relationships are based on honesty, communication and collaboration.  

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