The best romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas

best honeymoon vacation placesbest romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas
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The best romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas

Why honeymoon is important? Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it should be as magical as your wedding. Planning your honeymoon can sometimes get overlooked among the fervor and stress of wedding plans.

Honeymoon is not just a vacation. In fact, today, for many couples the honeymoon is an opportunity to reconnect and recover from the chaos of the wedding.

Even if you are on a tight budget, taking a few days to get away with your spouse will allow you to enjoy each other, rest and relax together. Keep in mind the connections you develop with your partner and the happy memories made on your honeymoon when you return to day-to-day life as newlyweds.

A honeymoon is a great excuse for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with someone you love and an opportunity to extend the magic and memories of your wedding.

Furthermore, some honeymoon packages, including cruises and all-inclusive, allow the two of you to relax and not worry about meals, drinks or other expenses.

Moreover, many hotels offer additional perks to honeymooning couples, including fruit baskets and champagne. If you are opting to elope, consider choosing a honeymoon package that includes a small wedding ceremony for an easy way to make wedding and honeymoon memories.

These are some great ideas for romantic honeymoon destination and ideas.


1. Alaska

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It is one of the best honeymoon destinations and perfect for the adventure junkies because Mother Nature’s finest artwork is on the show. This place will not be suitable for those people who do not like mountainous region. The beaches here are windy and icy along with the view of glacier-capped peaks.

Couples must plan and spend most of their time in the Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. You can sight bald eagles, puffins, humpback whales, and bears. You could stay at Hotel Captain Cook which is not very luxurious but well you are there for nature and your spouse!


2. Alentejo, Portugal

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Alentejo in Portugal is well known for its wine and is one of the best places to visit on your honeymoon. This grape-growing region has the calm air, picturesque valley and lonely beaches. If you and your partner love history then the ruins of Roman architecture and castles built during the medieval era might be of interest.


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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When you hear of Amsterdam the first thing that comes up in your mind is the red light area and the liberal coffee culture. But the capital city is better known for its art- Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer which are wonderful honeymoon destinations.

The city’s elaborate canals and bridges are a beautiful sight. You can cycle your way past the heritage buildings or walk down the beautiful road. It is considered as one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations.


4. Anguilla

This beach destination is a perfect Caribbean paradise and is one of the best honeymoon destinations. The newly-weds here can enjoy the electric turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and palm trees.

You can book a private suite with pool at the Cap Juluca. The hotel rooms have plantation style shutters that can block the beach and you will enjoy a private moment with your loved one.

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5. Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are the Garden of Eden that you have been searching for as an idea for honeymoon destination. Tropical fruits, busy markets, limestone structure, untouched beaches and pale buildings are some of the features of this city.

Amidst these two islands, you will find yourself largely alone walking on the white sandy beaches. Sunset time is the best spent on a catamaran sailing between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


8. Aruba

One of the best romantic honeymoon destinations is Aruba. Aruba is a Dutch state but has a proper Caribbean influence over it. This Dutch state is situated off the coast of Venezuela.

The turquoise blue water, pale colors of the countryside, European architecture awaits your presence. The cool breeze, white sands will surely sweep you off the feet. Amazing place for your honeymoon.


7. Arosa, Switzerland

Switzerland is the most romantic venue in the world. Arosa is a small town in the district of Plessur. Snow sports here are popular among the other sports like walking and also mountain bike riding.

Crystal clear lakes, snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and fresh snowfall is all that you will need for a perfect honeymoon. Indeed, Arosa is one the best romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, and is definitely in our list of the best romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas.

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8. Aspen, Colorado

If you as a couple love snow, skiing and are adventure junkies then Aspen is the right place for you. You will have an amazing experience even if there is no snowfall.

Well, nothing beats the charm of a small fireplace, cocktails or champagne and you cuddling up to your loved one isn’t it? If you love snow sports like skiing then you can ski in and out the whole day. Gondola ride, spa, live music, and biking are other activities that you can look forward to during your trip.


9. Austin, Texas

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Austin is one of the coolest city in the USA and also is a great place for live music and barbecues! This city is not well known for romance but there are spots like Lake Travis and Mount Bonnell where you can see the sunset together.

Try eating out at the food trucks in the city as they serve the best food in town. Very romantic place to travel for couples.


10. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a magical island and also one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations. This is the only place in Indonesia that is Hindu and is a perfect place for romance.

Surfing, snorkeling, massages, water sports, river rafting, coffee plantations, gorgeous beaches are what you can look out for during your stay. The place is full of culture, art, temples, and epic history.

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These are some of the best romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas.


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