Art Therapy for Stress Management

Art therapy for stress management

Art therapy for stress management

Art therapy, or simply creative therapy, is a relatively new advancement in the field of psychotherapy. Scientifically, it’s a methodical process whereby individuals can attain enhanced self-awareness and self-confidence to overcome trauma and stress. In addition, this process can help to improve a person’s cognitive abilities.

Recently, art therapy has proved to be very helpful in providing a variety of healing benefits. It has made headlines with its indisputable success rates among people suffering from different disorders. These disorders range from physical and mental to emotional disabilities or difficulties.

Benefits of art therapy for stress management

Art therapy helps to maintain concentration

To begin with, art therapy lets you maintain concentration on a particular thing for a period of time. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings freely.

Being able to focus on a single task for a long period of time is good for mental health. This enables you to fully concentrate on the work you’re doing. Further, it allows your mind to totally immerse itself in your work.

As a result, you actually experience a kind of intense focus. The focus is comparable to the kind of focus you can achieve through meditation.

Therefore, doing creative work can help you relax, as well as relieve stress.

Art therapy for stress management
Tim Arterbury

Art helps to express feelings and thoughts

Secondly, through art therapy, you can express your innermost feelings and thoughts.

In fact, your subconscious minds have so many thoughts that keep waiting for an opportunity to get out. Using art is a wonderful way to pour out your feelings without the burden of finding words to represent them.

So, art provides an outlet for the release of these thoughts. It gives you personal space to express freely whatever is in your mind. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Art helps to alleviate depression symptoms

Thirdly, over the past few years, scientists have done a lot of research on this topic. This research has shown an association between some causes of stress, such as depression.

Creative therapy is able to bring positivity into people’s lives. This way, it provides something to hope for on a daily basis. Subsequently, art can help fight the chemical imbalances inside the brain which may result in depression.

Art therapy helps with self-reflection

Art therapy and how it helps in stress management
Annie Spratt

Today, it’s easy to allow the pressure of a busy day to overwhelm us. Working with clay and other physical art mediums is wonderful, indeed. Accordingly, such therapy concentrates on pressure points of your hands. Consequently, that naturally helps to release stress.

Art allows us to self-reflect and also relearn something about ourselves we might have forgotten.

You shouldn’t feel hesitation to try art therapy, even if you’ve never heard about it before. It’s worth a personal stretch of trying something new. You can try to pick up a paintbrush and begin dabbling with color.

Or, you can also take a pottery class and immerse yourself in mess and chaos. Try your hand at abstract. Sculpt and design using scraps and materials lying around the house. Furthermore, you can perhaps create something amazing while fighting stress.

Art therapy helps to re-discover one’s inner child

Baby painting outdoorsLastly, art is important as it lets a person rediscover his/her true self. Art reminds one of the many things they did or used to do when he/she was a child.

Specifically, art therapy gives you an opportunity to experience being a child again. There are certain privileges children have that we could all benefit from. Freedom to express ourselves using art is one of them.

Art therapy for stress management. Detailed recommendations:

  1. Tired — draw flowers.
  2. Angry — draw lines.
  3. Feel pain — sculpt or do pottery.
  4. When bored — fill a piece of sheet with different colors.
  5. Feel sad — draw rainbow.
  6. Scary — whip macrame or make appliques from tissues.
  7. Feel anxiety — make a rag doll.
  8. Get angry – tear a paper into small pieces.
  9. Worry- fold origami. 
  10. Feel tense – draw patterns.
  11. It is important to remember – draw mazes.
  12. Disappointed — create a copy of some picture.
  13. Desperate — draw a road/path.
  14. Need to realize/understand something — draw mandala.
  15. Need to recover — draw views.
  16. Want to understand your feelings — draw a portrait.
  17. Want to understand yourself and your wishes — make a collage.
  18. Need to concentrate on your thoughts — draw with dots.
  19. To find an optimal solution — draw waves and circles.
  20. You feel that you are “stuck” and you have to move on – draw spirals.
  21. Want to concentrate on your aim — draw webs and target.

To summarize, art therapy for stress management is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. It’s also very straightforward to do.

You don’t need to be very proficient in the type of creative work you choose to do. You simply create what you like. Just remember, there are no rules.

Art therapists believe that art triggers an internal activity within people. Thus, it helps to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical scars. It’s a language without words and a form of communication open to interpretation. Moreover, it’s relaxing and fun. Art definitely helps you to relieve from stress and stay healthy.

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