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The popularity of contact lenses has grown significantly with an increasing number of people preferring them to glasses. Among the main reasons for such factor is the growing number of eye-related problems. Unsurprisingly, technological advancements play a key role in causing eye-related issues. In fact, many people suffer from eye strain and eyesight worsening because of spending hours at a desktop. Besides, contacts allow not only to solve eyesight problems, but also change the color of your eyes.

Notably, contact lenses do not collect moisture. They also provide a better vision, as compared to spectacles. Though, these are just few advantages of wearing contacts. There are various types of contact lenses which provide different purposes. Therefore, before choosing contact lenses for yourself, read the following facts about them. Do not forget that a recommendation from a specialist is a must.

Daily lenses

The first type of contacts in our list is disposable contact lenses. It means that you should get rid of them after wearing at the end of the day. They are for one- time-use only. The great advantage of such “dailies” is strict hygiene. By choosing this type of lenses, you maximally prevent the development of bacteria and infections of your eyes. Notably, you can feel the difference when wearing dailies and monthly contact lenses. In fact, nothing can be similar to wearing fresh contact lenses everyday. On the other hand, it’s not cheap to buy all the time such contacts. Therefore, people mostly prefer other variations. While wearing dailies, you can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism.

Extended wear eye contacts

Also, there are extended wear lenses which you can wear overnight. Moreover, you can wear them without taking them off for several days and even weeks. However, before buying them it’s crucial to know whether they are suitable for your eyes. In fact, your eyes must be hydrated and have enough tears to wear extended lenses comfortably. This type of eye contacts help to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Another advantage is absence of pre-bed routine of cleaning and storing them. It might be very convenient for young parents.

Colored contact lenses

Are you after a subtle look and want to stand out among the rest with beautiful color of your eyes? In this case colored eye contacts is your answer. This is because their main purpose is changing a color and look of the iris. While choosing colored contacts, remember that it’s better when they synchronize with your skin tone. Also, the color of your hair is important.

I want to wear contact lenses
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Colored contact lenses come either in piano or prescription form. Piano colored eye contacts are not appropriate to correct your vision. Rather they are good for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Conversely, prescription contacts are for cosmetic purposes. Additionally,  they correct astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. Interestingly, they come in three tints. That is, opaque, enhancement, and visibility tint. Opaque tint changes the color of your eyes completely. Thus, if your eyes are brown, these can make them blue.

So, people with dark eyes and those who wish to change the color of their eyes should use opaque tints. Enhancement tints are not as dark as  opaque tints. However, they serve the
purpose of intensifying the color of your eyes. In other words, if you have green eyes, these contacts make them look even greener. Lastly, visibility tints are transparent in nature with an addition of either light blue or green tint. They don’t change the color of the eyes. Rather they are good to aid in removal, during insertion and in case one drops his eye contacts.

Things to consider before buying contacts

Duration of wearing

It is also important to consider how often you want to wear contact lenses. If it’s only for the weekend or special occasions, then soft lenses are the best choice for you. Such contacts are flexible and thin. Therefore, they are very convenient to wear. On the other hand, there are rigid lenses that provide a sharper vision. Undoubtedly, clarity of vision is also an important factor that makes people buy contact lenses. Also, they are mostly prescribed for people with astigmatism. Unfortunately, rigid lenses are not as comfortable as soft contacts. Though, as a result of wearing rigid lenses for some period, they can become comfortable on your eyes.

There are also certain contacts that one can wear the whole night. For example, extended wear lenses which allow free flow of oxygen. They help to avoid irritation throughout the night. But before you consider these type of lenses, it is important to consult your ophthalmologist. That is because wearing contacts continually may cause severe side effects to your eyes.

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What are the specifications of your eyes

Another important factor to consider before choosing contact lenses is whether you have dry eyes or allergies. This is because having dry eyes or allergies may cause discomfort while wearing eye contacts. Besides, this problem may even inhibit you from wearing contacts. Doctors prescribe daily disposable lenses to people with dry eyes or allergies. These are designed to keep away infections. For people over the age of forty and those who have eye-related problems, we advise to use multifocal lenses instead of the bifocal lens.


Lastly, one of the most important factors to consider is your willingness to take care of your eye contacts. Lack of proper care for contacts can lead to fungal infections. Consequently, you further damage your eyes. For those who are put off by the work involved in taking care of the lenses can use the alternative. Daily disposable contacts which are discarded after the end of the day.


It is very important to seek medical advice from ophthalmologist. The optometrist will diagnose your problem and prescribe lenses that are suitable for you. It is also important to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of lenses. Thus, you’ll be sure in buying right lenses.

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