Job Interview: How to get a good salary?

It is never too late to ask for a raise, but it is better to negotiate your salary on the interview. So, there are some tips to help you make a profitable deal.

Conduct a market research at first

Try to find out the average market rate for the type of work for which you are applying. Do not forget to consider such factors as industry and region. Why should you do that? Actually, it is very important because the employer will certainly ask you about your expectations regarding the salary. Thus, in order not to ask for too low or high salary it is better to be prepared. Moreover, do not forget to consider personal factors that will add you some points. For example, period of experience, some additional qualifications (second language, good communication skills and etc) may affect your salary positively.

Be prepared to discuss your expectations regarding the salary


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At some point of the interview you will be asked about the expected salary. You can try to avoid the direct answer by telling something like: «I would like to know more about the work and the package of social benefits before I answer this question». But most probably, HR representatives will not leave you until they get a specific number. Do not be nervous, you are ready for this thanks to the market research you can easily tell appropriate amount. However, you do not have to give an exact number, so just use following phrase: “I am still gathering information on this issue, but I am ready to accept the offer in the following range. What do you think about it?” To tell the truth it is just a part of the “business flirt” and employers know all their budgets well. However, they will never miss an opportunity to a play a “guessing game”

What if they did not mention salary?

Sometimes the game moves to an advanced level and employer does not mention money at all. Their strategy is to avoid this topic by showing the doubts regarding the importance of following question. Actually, this moment is very important for you, so try to accept the game and say something like: “I suppose it would be better to save our time and find out in advance what kind of salary I can count on”. Be prepared to get the question about the range you are expecting. So, return to points 1 and 2

You’ve got a numbers what is next


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When they tell you the number do not hesitate to ask for more if you are not okay with an offer. Remember you do not have to explain in details why you are asking for additional money. Just show your interest by following questions: “Is there any chance that you can raise the amount from …. to …” or  “I hoped to get a higher rate. Can we discuss it? ” Believe us; it works, because material interest does not contradict the logic of reasonable negotiations. As soon as you ask, take a pause and wait for the answer. You may feel uncomfortable, so you will want to fill the silence. Forget about it, it is too risky, give an interviewer time to think

Why is it okay to want more

Employers always have resources to pay more for a vacant position. So you can easily negotiate at this stage of interview. As a rule, an increase in about 10% is quite fair. Actually, some of employers offer less than they can pay, so you can get a higher salary just asking for it. However, do not say just “ten percent”, it is better to tell an approximate numbers.

Sometimes it is better not to ask for a raise


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For example, you have already discussed salary and came to a consensus – in this case, more ambitious requests will show you from the bad side (unless, of course, the future boss did not increase the amount of work tasks). Another point is if the offer is already quite generous for the market and you have a risk of losing an attractive opportunity if you ask for more.

And finally: if you asked for more and they refused, it is not a reason to pass an offer. Do not worry that you will look stupid, it’s all about your pride and prejudice. Answer using the following phrase: “Thank you for considering my request; I hope we can discuss it in the future. Nevertheless, I am still interested in this work and would like to get it”

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