Acupressure for Headache and Pain

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In alternative medicine there is a such method of pain treatment known as acupuncture. This ancient method of treatment is from China. Notably, acupuncture provides healing through placing pins and needles at certain points in a body. Alternatively, there is a branch of medicine that is based on the same concept. The idea is simple: it involves applying pressure on certain points in the body called ‘acupoints.’ The certain way of applying pressure on these very specific points can have many benefits. Among such are releasing tension, relaxing muscles, and promoting normal blood circulation. It even helps relieving some of the most frustrating symptoms of chemotherapy. This is what we call acupressure.

The best advantage of acupressure is that you don’t need to visit a professional to have a session. Actually, many techniques are simple and straightforward enough. Therefore, anyone can practice these techniques at home. All one needs to learn is the right method of pressing. Later, with a practice, you can master the art of acupressure. In this article, we concentrate on how to make the best use of acupressure techniques to treat headaches and body pain. Share in comments your own experience of practicing acupressure!

Headache and Body Pain – How Useful is Acupressure as a Treatment?

Acupressure is actually quite effective in relieving many types of headaches. Though, acupressure is mostly useful for tension headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, the science behind this is not completely clear and still needs further evidence to support it. However, various studies have been carried to prove the effectiveness of this technique. Thus, when patients got regular sessions of acupressure, the number of headaches experienced by them had decreased.

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Pressure Point Hegu or Union Valley

So let’s start with our first pressure point: LI-4. Other names of this point are Hegu or Union Valley. This pressure point is located between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Point LI-4 is useful for relieving headaches and general pain. Simply, use middle points on both hands between your thumbs and index fingers. This is the point you need to work on. Next, press firmly, but gently, for about 5 minutes in circular motions. Finally, you repeat the same process on the other hand. Others prefer pinching, rather than pressing in circular motions. Others mix theese two ways in one method. You can repeat this procedure several times per day or as long as it takes to make your symptoms go away.

Gates of Consciousness (Also called Feng Chi)

This is another point that is also quite effective for headache treatment. Find these pressure points at the base of the skull in the hollow areas between the vertical neck muscles. Using the index finger and middle ones, press firmly, but gently, on these points, moving upward. Keep it up for 10 seconds, let go then, and repeat. Make sure to press on both sides at once. Although this technique is useful for all types of headaches, it is especially useful for ones caused by neck tension.

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Shoulder Well

Feeling stiff at your shoulders or neck? Then, shoulder well technique is the one for you. Also, it is easy to do to yourself. The shoulder well pressure points are located at the edge of your shoulders. That’s around halfway between the end of the shoulders and the base of the neck. Use your thumb finger of either hand to massage this point firmly for a minute. Then, release and switch to the other side. Repeat as many times as you need.

Third Eye (Also called Yin Tang)

If your main complaint is sinus headache or eyestrain, the Third Eye point is the perfect spot to hit. This pressure point exists between your eyebrows, right where the nose bridge meets the forehead. Just apply firm pressure to this point for around a minute and release. It’s preferable that you apply this pressure using your index finger.

Great Surge (Also called Bigger Rushing)

This point is one of the most helpful. Notably, it is effective at various issues, including upset stomach, detox, and combating stress. It’s one of the points that is useful for general fatigue or pain. Besides, use it when you are simply feeling unwell or out of shape.

It is located at your feet. Precisely at the depression between the two bones about 1/2 inch up of the first two toes. Using your index or thumb finger, gradually apply firm pressure on this point at both feet. You can do it at once or turn by turn. Be extra gentle, as these points are sensitive.


Acupressure is a simple method of pain relief. Many refer to it as a daughter of acupuncture. The given techniques are natural alternatives to medicines and drugs. Moreover, they are simple and easy to practice at home. So, try them and see how they work. Good luck!

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