Do you believe you can heal yourself by the power of your mind?

Self-healing idea is quite unfamiliar to most of us. We have been taught to believe that healing takes place through therapy by doctors or healers and that healing is only possible through pills, surgery, herbs, acupuncture, other traditional medicine techniques or energy therapy.

But try to look into the root of things: no one has been cured by anyone or anything. In fact, no person, medicine, or therapy can HEAL you. Our body only receives help from external substances and procedures but the rest of the work is done by the body itself. Only the body in tandem with consciousness can really do the thing and heal itself.

The mind and body are inseparable from one another. As it all starts within our consciousness, we, therefore, can also influence the healing of your body. Doctors and therapeutic agents can only ease the healing process. However, you also need to tap into your mind and decide to heal yourself (not be cured, but namely heal yourself), and get out of the vicious circle of limiting and negative beliefs that you have created for yourself.

The body that heals itself

The body has the ability to heal itself and it does that job great. Think of the continuous process of self-healing that takes place in our organism: from recovering after falls and injuries to fighting with bacteria, viruses, poor-quality food and toxins, we have built-in evolutional mechanisms designed to defend and repair ourselves. After all, our body is constantly attacked by our emotional injuries and a frequent pessimistic attitude as well.

So what hinders the process of self-healing? Partially – our negatively charged thoughts and emotions, and partially – just an overload of the body. The body cannot cope with so many tasks at the same time. An unhealthy lifestyle, toxins from the environment and prolonged physical, emotional and psychological stress exert such a serious burden on the body that, due to overload, the body loses its ability to heal itself. 

Interestingly enough, our dependence on the health care system has forced us to abandon the miraculous self-healing abilities. We believe that we cannot be healed until we take a pill or undergo a certain procedure. Often, we take on faith the conclusions of doctors about whether our condition is chronic or incurable. We believe that drugs will help us, and when they do not help, we begin to think that there is no hope. 

Learn to listen to your body

We believe that the symptoms are the unpleasant consequences of the disease, while in fact, they contain an important message. Our body simply tells us: “You are doing something wrong, please – stop doing it.”

What would happen if you could trust your organism more than the medicines? Could you agree that your mind and body are perfect and capable of self-healing? They could demonstrate it if they only were given a chance. What would happen if you agreed that the miracles of healing are just the result of supporting your own body and allowing it to heal itself?

You might find this Lissa Rankin’s interesting for you:

This does not mean at all that the dedicated work of doctors, most of whom are genuinely interested in your well-being and do everything in their power to help you, is not worthy of respect. However, they were also taught that pills and medical procedures are the only way to cure the disease, some of them completely deny the power of the mind. The likely reason that some researchers and medical professionals deny the possibility of self-healing is that this question is not easy to learn and count.

Reliance on drugs and surgery has a downside as well. Some of the prescription medications are known to have huge side effects on other parts of our organism while healing the other.

Silva’s method of self-healing

The Silva Method is one of the most popular meditation types that mainly helps to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and improve health in general. It states that self-healing is nothing more than supporting your body and allowing it to heal itself. The healing process occurs when you are acting on the emotional and mental levels, getting rid of doubts and fears (which are extremely negative for the body). Also, it aims in considering taking certain actions to physically support your body – proper rest, healthy eating and stress relief. And the key of this method is a belief that your body is able to restore itself.

Wonderful self-healing organism ability meditation
Photo by Spukkato

Using the techniques of the Silva method, you will understand what needs to be done to allow your body to begin to heal itself:

Technique “Mirror of Consciousness”. Using this powerful visualization technique and taking the current situation as it is now, you will begin to use the power of imagination to draw an image of yourself with perfect health. Using this exercise, you embed confidence in your subconscious level that you can be and will be healthy again. Believe in the mental reality you have created, and this will become your physical reality.

Meditation. Entering the alpha level of brain activity, you can drop logical arguments and stop identifying yourself with your illness. You will stop saying “I don’t feel well”, replacing this statement with “I feel great”. Going beyond the limits of the current situation and imagining your body in a perfect condition will help eliminate the energy obstacles to self-healing.

Try to reduce pain

It is important to understand where your pain comes from. It surely makes no sense to reduce the intensity of pain if there are serious problems in the body. In this case, you need to pay a visit to a doctor. But there is a mass of everyday situations where you can quite help yourself. Muscle pain after exercise, headache after a stressful day, postoperative pain, etc. In such cases, you know perfectly well that “everything will be fine tomorrow.” But how to survive “today”?

Sometimes, in order to reduce the pain, it is enough to do a few simple steps. No … Do not unpack the next portion of tablets, but use any of the 3 methods below. Similar pain relief methods are available to everyone. They do not require cash costs, do not harm the body, but are able to maintain your health for many years.

– Disassemble the pain in the details

Take a pen, a piece of paper and take a look at your pain. What hurts? How does it hurt? Where does it hurt?

You will notice that your pain is not so big. You will determine the specific location. Set the intensity, nature of pain: stabs, cuts, crushes, etc. This will help narrow the boundaries of your perception of pain. Your task is to disassemble the pain into small components. This method should help reduce pain by almost 2 times.

– Identify a pain spot and take care of it

When it hurt, we reflexively stretch or rub this place, or stroke, or simply hold our hand in a sore spot. It would seem nothing special, but this is where the unconscious care for oneself begins. With your inner peace, you may greatly help yourself. But removing tension, bad attitude, and anger is the key. 


Awareness of pain is important for maintaining health. When you understand that pain is a part of the healing process, only then you can endure any physical inconvenience much easier. Only full acceptance and honesty towards yourself will help you correctly identify a symptom and choose the most effective way to relieve it. Listen to yourself and be healthy!

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