16 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

"My blueberry nights" movie

Stability is great, but sometimes couple face routine and boredom in their relationship. Here is a list of things that partners need to do together at least once in their life.

Psychologists always try to find a secret of happy and long relationships. Some studies show that usually such relationships have four common features: 1) good communication; 2) they like how they look together; 3) great sex; 4) common plans for the future. So, we have tried to identify a list of things partners can do together in order to achieve it.

Look at each other’s eyes for a long time

                                “My Blueberry Nights” movie

Do not forget that non-verbal communication has a huge part in relationship. If it works, then you can spend the whole evening like this!

Wear strange clothes together

For example, in Halloween costumes, and walk along the street as if nothing had happened. Sounds crazy, but it is great and fun experience which can help to refresh your relationship

Cook together

                                   “My Blueberry Nights” movie

It is not only romantic, but also will help you to get closer. Moreover, you can try to cook favorite dish from the childhood; better you know each other’s tastes, better you feel each other.

Kissing each other in a crowded place

By the way, psychologists have found that our body begins to produce the “hormone of happiness” serotonin, when we hug for more than 20 seconds. And if you want to raise the degree of emotion, try to show your love loudly and temperamentally – as in Italian movies

Send each other intimate photos and text messages

If you have already done it, then ok, everything is fine. This step will help you to add some new feeling in your relationship.

Go to a place where you have never been

Go to the nearest airport or train station and buy tickets. New impressions will give you common emotions – and a memory for whole life.

Write a love letter

                            “My blueberry Nights” movie

Write as you can, the main thing is being honest. Just make sure that you can express your feelings. By the way, leaving every day each other funny, cute notes on the refrigerator or in your coat pocket also works great.

Make each other gifts for no reason

Once again: for no reason. Just come up with a nice surprise.

Kissing under the water

Just try to recreate beautiful movie scenes and you feel something unreal. If everything goes well, you can continue.

Take a bath together

If you have a small one at home, then you can find another option.

Spend the night at the hotel without leaving your own city

What for? First, it is a luxurious romantic gesture. Secondly, you can once again feel like “perfect strangers.” And thirdly – to take the bath!

Learn to dance tango

If you are not dancing yet, you should try. It is well-known fact that tango is a dance of passion.

Write a bucketlist

Make your imagination works and let it fill a list of future goals, plans and common tasks.

Spend all day in bed

Lazy day is a great way to spend time together. Eat, sleep, watch TV shows and kiss. By the way, to find a TV SHOW that you both like is a huge plus for any couple.

Swim at night in the sea naked

The contact of warm water with every skin cell gives a fantastic effect.

Wine “blind” tasting

Psychologists have found that partners, who like to meet for a glass of wine from time to time, live together longer and feel happier.

There were some tips to refresh your relationship and make it even better. Love each other!


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