6 Drinks That Contain More Sugar Than Soda

We all know that water is the best option to quench the thirst. But sometimes we prefer to choose soda or other drinks rather than plain water. In order to achieve the proper nutrition strategy we replace soda with cold tea, juices or smoothies. The problem is that those drinks may not be healthier than carbonated ones in terms of sugar.

Let’s learn the 8 types of drinks that contain more sugar than you thought.

1. Fruit juice.

It is not arguable that juice made from fresh fruits is a healthy drink. Another fact is that a fruit is rich with fiber while the juice is deprived of this important nutrient. However, even if you choose 100% fruit juice and will avoid sugar added drinks, the natural sugar in fruits can be enough to harm your health. For instance, a cup of grape juice contains 36 grams of sugar, which slightly differ from 44 grams of sugar in a can of cola.


2. Hot cocoa.

Is there anything better than a cup of hot cocoa on a frosty day? Undoubtedly, no! However despite its excellent warming functions, it is rather a dessert than a complementary drink. For example, a mug of cocoa with whipped cream from an average coffee shop contains 400 calories and 43 grams f sugar – which is more than in a regular soda can.

3. Ice tea.

Bottle of ice tea is a must have on a hot summer day. But only if this tea is made and cooled by you. And let’s be frank, most often we can afford time to prepare ice tea and go to the nearest supermarket to purchase it. According to research, soybeans of popular brands contain at least 30 grams of sugar per bottle.

4. Coconut water.

One of the main reasons of coconut water popularity is its saturation with electrolytes and potassium (a small box of the product contain about 25% of the daily mineral value). Electrolytes are necessary to maintain the level of hydration in the body. Experts warn you that you should not drink coconut water daily. But it will be extremely useful to consume it in summer or after training session. On the other hand, it is important to read the label carefully before purchasing. In the wake of healthy nutrition popularity, many manufacturers began to produce coconut water with flavors that can contain up to 30 grams of sugar per package.

5. Sport drinks.

If you spend at least three evenings a week in the gym, you probably like to consume and drink special sport drinks. They have a lot of advantages including taste, aroma, energy and nutritional component. But what about sugar? A bottle of sport drink contains about 50 grams of sugar and this is not a surprising fact as in the ingredients list, sugar appear immediately after water. If you are preparing for a marathon it is a good idea to consume sport drink to get more energy. When it comes to everyday life, it is better to replace them with the ones that contain less sugar.

6. Smoothies.

Nutritionists love smoothies especially when they are green ones. This is a great and quite healthy way to rid the body of toxins, unload it after the holiday or get enough on the run if you don’t have time to have lunch during a day. On the other hand, don’t forget that smoothies contain fruits. Fruits contain natural sugar which is equal to 53 grams of sugar per bottle. The best alternative to fruit smoothie is vegetable smoothie.

To sum up, it is better to give preferences to clean water in any cases. However, it is very important to follow our wishes and tastes and enrich our body with different vitamins via well-balanced smoothies, juices or other drinks.

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