Bad Personality Traits That Can Actually Be Good

We used to think that such personal traits as laziness, egoism, cynicism are inappropriate and even quite bad; however this article is going to disprove following opinion


Only from the first side this personal trait seems harmful and destructive. In fact, it can be a good marker for you. For example, laziness helps to determine what is really important for you and what is not. If you hardly wake up in the mornings to go to your work, it can be a reason to think about changing it. Actually, this also applies to relationships; when it is difficult for you to do something for your second half, it might be a sign. Thus, laziness is such kind of filter which separates important from less important. By the way, this knowledge is also useful in communication with children. If your child, for example, has a dream to become an actor, but do not want to study literature, then you need to motivate him/her by explaining the connection between literature and the dream.


The majority of people still think that pride is a deadly sin, but in reality it helps people to fight for their moral rules and principles. Look even at the heroes of ancient tragedies; they usually were led by pride in their actions. It gave them strength to fight for their ideals. As you can see nowadays moral boundaries are quite blurred, so pride is no longer seems a bad quality. It just helps you to appreciate yourself a little bit more and there is nothing wrong about it.


“Stop being a child, you need to grow up”- that what we usually hear from our parents. However, permanent thoughts about all this existential stuff destroy your life. Thus, infantilism in this case is very useful; you just do not take everything too serious. Moreover, it is great to have a friend with this character trait, so you can relax in his company and get away from all your problems at least for some time.


Of course, selflessness is good, but in the most cases helping others to your own detriment ends badly for both sides. Let us explain, for example, imposed help and care sometimes causes irritation of the receiving side and it also requires enormous strength from a person who wants to help. You can see it on the example of relationship between mother and her child. Parents sometimes are so dedicated. They just do not live for themselves giving everything to their 30-years old “child”. Thus, healthy egoism can save the person in this case. You must not forget about yourself, yes, you can help your friends, relatives, but do it rationally. Because, in other case, you will quickly run out of the power and will not be able to help your loved ones.


Our brain is a unique thing; it usually helps to work out mechanisms for adapting person to reality. For example, light cynicism which usually appears closer to 30 years, helps people to adapt to the surrounding reality. It would be almost impossible exist in the modern information space without this quality. Every day we hear about tragic accidents throughout the world and it is hard to deal with it. So, cynicism is just a defense reaction and there is nothing bad about that.


Yes, jealousy is not the best human quality; however, it also has some advantages. Let’s be honest that sometimes you want to move forward not because of a simple desire to become better, it is all about the envy. For example, if you see that someone unfairly promoted at work, jealousy may force you to act; go to another corporation and do everything to achieve the desired high position in a new place. This character trait, by the way, is also a quality of many creative people.

To conclude, we can use even bad qualities in the best way; so laziness is a good filter, envy is a catalyst to actions, infantilism and cynicism helps to survive hard times.

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