How to Survive a Hangover

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We all have to face the consequences of parties at least once in our life. Headache, nausea, weakness in hands and body…does it sound familiar? If yes, then you have a hangover, so we have prepared some recommendations about how to get rid of these unpleasant feelings.


The first sign of a hangover is dry mouth and thirst, so in the morning, drink as much clean water as possible, regardless of whether you want it or not. It will help to remove alcohol from the body. You can also drink tea with mint or low-fat yoghurt, which will normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and improve your overall health state.


Thinking how to get rid of a strong hangover?! Just get enough sleep. Yes, it sounds simple, but it works. So, shutter all windows and ask family not to bother you. In couple hours you will see the result.


If you do not have an opportunity to sleep, then take a contrast shower. It helps to cheer up quickly. Start with warm water, then decrease a degree, you must finish with cold water and rub the body with a terry towel. You can also lie in a hot bath for 10-15 minutes; use lavender essential oil for better effect.


If you do not drink painkillers, then a cold compress will help to get rid of the headache. Put it on your forehead for a couple of minutes. The main thing is not to bring yourself to hypothermia


Fresh air is sobering, so try to ventilate your room more often or go for a walk. Yes it is hard, but it works. However, it is better to have someone by your side in order to help you.


All above-mentioned methods are good, but it is better to take the pills in order to intoxicate your body. We are not going to count all medicaments, because all people have different reaction on the pills. Just try to find the right one for you.


Because of high level of alcohol in the blood body has a glucose shortage. That is why you feel weak. So, in order to restore its balance and detoxify the body eat honey in small spoons during the day.


If you still suffer from hangover try to have a breakfast. It is very important part of your daily diet, so do not miss it. However, you can change the menu. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables or scrambled eggs


If your health state allows, then do some exercises after contrast shower. Physical activity will help you to get rid of hangover by stimulating blood circulation. But do some simple exercises in order not to overload your body. Quick walk or jogging will be enough.


Try to recreate the comfort levels of your bed at home, so you feel yourself better. It will be easier to survive hangover in soft and comfort clothes than in tight jeans and jacket.

There were some methods to survive a hangover. Hopefully it will be useful for you. However, try not to drink too much and stay healthy!

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