Important Notes About Professional Massage

People always act when it is too late. That’s why we go to the massage therapist only when our body hurts or is exhausted. We wish that a doctor can rub our back with oil and we can relax. However, the real massage therapy session includes painful manipulations.

How we should choose the massage therapist?

First and important rule to choose the right specialist is to be aware that he or she has a proper education. Fancy certificates or beautiful profile on Instagram is not equal to real experience in medical center. Yes, it is really complicated to differentiate real professional. Due to this important reason, you need to do research and identify the right massage therapist.

The second rule is to remember that true massage therapist always asks questions related to your health before session. Main contradictions include acute diseases (flu, cold, types of tumors, tuberculosis), blood diseases, mental disorders, vascular thrombosis. Most diseases restrict any massage sessions, that’s why your therapist should know about any negative or insignificant changes of your body.

Massage is preferable before or after the working day. The first option will help your body to relax and wake up, accelerate the lymph and metabolism, the second – will soothe and relax your body. While, the evening massage session is an ideal, because you can completely relax and soothe your body and go to sleep after a few hours. Masseurs usually use certain techniques aimed to stimulate and improving the tone of central nervous system in the morning and afternoon time. While the evening sessions are aimed to inhibit and relax the body.

About the procedure.

Specialists recommend not to eat anything before the session, not to be nervous and try to be in a positive mood. This approach will be provide positive effect after the procedure because it will help you to get relaxed. Additionally, it is better to plan the any physical activity before the procedure except yoga practices.

Important note:
It is better to identify the problem and visit the specialist regularly. Some people who do sports or yoga usually skip the exercises dedicated to back health which leads to problems.
Finally, it is very important to lie down or do shavansa for 5-10 minutes after the procedure so that muscles can rest. It is better not to stand up and do anything after the massage because your body may get misbalanced. This may cause weakness of the body and fainting. In addition, specialists do not recommend to drink coffee, tea or any caffeinated beverages. When it comes to food, it is better to consume light dinner as baked vegetables.

After the professional massage session, you can feel body lightness and relaxation. Weakness, pain, irritability, increased heartbeat indicate that a specialist picked up the wrong technique for you. Keep in mind, that your choice of the therapist is very important and your body is unique.

Massage courses.

Specialists recommend courses when the problem is very serious. First three sessions are the most sensitive ones, as they cause pain and discomfort in the muscles. The course can be conducted two or three times a month or five or six sessions every four to six months.

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