Eating Favorite Food Without Gaining Extra Pounds

Favorite food

Sometimes, having our favorite food without gaining weight can be very challenging. Particularly, during holidays, it’s usually time to celebrate with a lot of sweet foods. Sadly, for a few people, it’s also time to gain some extra pounds. Having the foods of your choice should be fun and merry for the whole family. Nevertheless, some find it rather worrisome and stressful.

Certainly, it’s pretty hard to diet when you see your family eating cakes, ham, rolls, chicken, pie and many more. Therefore, it’s very unfortunate that instead of enjoying the delicious food, you’re busy with restricting yourself. Luckily, here’s a way out of this misfortune. This article presents you various ways by which you can enjoy your favorite food without gaining any extra weight. Please keep reading!

Enjoying Favorite Food Without Gaining Weight

Favorite food
Brooke Lark

Don’t restrict yourself

First, stop the hustle of restricting yourself from your favorite meals. In fact, denying ourselves some of our favorites leads to unhappiness. So, if your objective is to lose that fat and become a healthier person, make a lasting lifestyle change instead. In addition, you need to only eat when you become hungry. When hunger strikes, it works by informing you that you require eating. Simply feed yourself whenever you feel the notification of the hunger before you grow ravenous. Waiting till you’re too hungry may result in overeating. That means that you have to have a meal 3-5 times a day. Notably, this doesn’t mean eating snacks only, but having full meals at least 3 times a day.

Favourite foods
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Have right portions

Second, you’ll need to reduce the portion you have. It’s always very good to have what is necessary for your normal body functioning. There are ways to ensure that you eat only what is enough. One of them is to divide the amount on your plate by two. Consequently, eat half. Then, if you feel hungry 30 minutes later, eat the other half of your plate. By so doing, your body will realize that you’re already satisfied. Additionally, stop eating when you’re full. When you develop the habit of having food only when you feel hungry, then go to the next step. Start learning how to stop when you’re OK. Probably, you often continue eating even after having enough. Consequently, you won’t be able to unbutton your pants. Besides, we recommend to turn off the TV during mealtime. It’s proven that watching TV while having some food leads to overeating.

Mealtime must be a breaktime

Third, try and make eating an event. Eating ought to be a pleasant experience. Thus, you should forget about having snacks while doing work in the office. For that reason, you should enter into mealtime mindfully and not when you’re paying attention to something else. Accordingly, try to make the mealtime special. Set the table, light some candles, value quality over quantity. Hence, make the whole thing an event. Thus, you’ll appreciate the food even more. Also, don’t eat your feelings. Normally, food should make you happy. Eating shouldn’t be the sole root of comfort. If you think this is why you have more than your body needs, do a few things which bring you delight. For example, you can take a shower or have a sensual evening with your loved one.

Favourite foods
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Take your time

Fourth, chew slowly. Do not rush. In fact, when you eat slowly, you ear lesser. That is because when you have your meal too fast, your body doesn’t realize that your hunger is gone. Though, when you take your time and enjoy the process without hurrying, you eat smaller portion.

Do workouts

Fifth, exercise for your health. Unfortunately, food input can play a big role as far as our body weight is concerned just like exercises do. However, don’t get it wrong. Making exercises part and parcel of our everyday routine is great. It’s going to allow you to eat the foods you love without gaining more pounds. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t go exercising only to earn the right to eat your best foods. This is very boring! Rather, do it for energy and health.

Have a food diary

Lastly, learn from your food. Begin understanding how food normally tastes and the way your body responds the moment you eat. Subsequently, you’ll begin realizing that some meals make you feel better than others. Keep a food diary. It will help you create the relationship between the foods you have and the way you feel. This way, you can identify the point when former habits become simpler to change.

In conclusion, it’s not bad enjoying your favorite food. If you follow these tips you may be able to have a stress-free eating lifestyle. Nonetheless, if you do gain weight, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get right back into your routine of healthy eating. Further, have regular exercise and you’ll be back to your pre-holiday weight in no time!

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