Recipe for Happiness: What should I do?

Psychologists always try to find the main receipt of happiness, however, there is still no exact answer, but we have found some steps which will help you to become happier.

Protect your personal boundaries

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How do you usually react on yelling friend? Are you able to say no to your family and friends if you feel uncomfortable? What do you feel when your wife/husband says something wrong? The personal boundaries of each person are set of norms, values and morals. We all need these boundaries in order to understand clearly where our needs are and where are needs of other people. So in order to protect yourself and do not allow other people to use you; you must learn to say “no”. You will see your life will be easier if you become a little bit more selfish. But do not forget you should also try not to violate boundaries of other person.

Spend more time with your family and friends

The Danish recipe of happiness: “you need to try to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. 78% of them have meetings with friends, family and colleagues at least once a week. Usually such meetings are filled with mutual care and kindness; no one pulls over the attention, does not try to become the main one in the company. Guests help the owner to cook, set the table. In such relaxed atmosphere, you can feel happiness and just be yourself.

Be generous

People often experience euphoria while helping the others; brain begins to produce endorphins that are responsible for pleasure. Surprisingly, but help activates the same brain centers as a chocolate. It has a beneficial effect on the physical condition, in particular, prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the cardiovascular system. In other words it literally heals the heart and makes us happy.

Set your goals

Setting goals, large or small, develops independent thinking in a person – the most important component of a happy life. People, who choose their goals by copying the goals of others, will never be truly happy. Setting your own goals allows you to increase self-esteem; another important component of happiness. Every time you achieve new goals and add it to your list of personal wins, you prove that you are able to achieve what you want. It strengthens your faith in yourself

Ask yourself  “what do I live for?”

In order to be happy, it is necessary to understand yourself; your values, goals, dreams and plans. Take time to be alone, meditate, pray and once again understand what you know about yourself and what is important to you at this stage of life. Then it will be easier to move forward knowing your clear aim.

Leave all destructive relationships

“Closer” movie

When a person finds someone who supports his dreams and values, his growth and overall life satisfaction increases significantly. Get rid of contacts with toxic people. If someone pulls you down all the time just leave this person and move on. Surround yourself with people who share your values and help you move forward.

Do not forget about your health statement

Don’t overload yourself. You should have time for rest, work and sport activities which bring you pleasure. Therefore, find the type of fitness that will bring real benefits to both body and soul. For example, run alone to clean your mind, or find a stretching studio near the house where you will feel yourself comfortable.

Do not forget about your hobby

“Closer” movie

A truly happy life should not be limited only by work and family. It is very important having a hobby – origami, knitting, pottery, painting with watercolors, photography. Scientists have proven that hobby helps to overcome sadness and depression.

So, all you need is just to pay a little bit more attention to yourself. Try to avoid things which annoys you and you will definitely feel better.


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