5 Unexpected Facts About Love And Relationships

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Alvin Mahmudov

Different scientists have been extensively studying love and attraction. Sometimes, they come up with very unexpected conclusions. By reading some of the findings, you can realize how love can change people. Unarguably, love and attraction are the most complicated of all human sensations.

Poets normally write about these feelings. Moreover, love is one of the central topics of philosophers’ deliberations. It’s not surprising that people try to fill their lives with love. Self-help magazines and guides provide a lot of tricks, tips, and suggestions about love. All of these exist to help people to meet the right mate.

Though, this article is not a guide on how to find a right partner. There are so many surprising effects that this incredible feeling causes. We believe that our article about unexpected facts about love and relationships will be interesting for you. Keep reading and write your suggestions in comments!

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1. Strong Relationships Help You Live Longer

The first unexpected fact is that when people are in a strong relationship, they tend to live longer. In a period of 7 years, scientists have been carrying on a study including over 300,000 people. Here, the scientists were looking at the effect of social relationships on people’s lives. They found that having strong relationships was very beneficial for health.

Actually, it was like quitting smoking, and exercising regularly. Moreover, the effect was similar to managing weight. The conclusion was that when people develop and maintain healthy relationships, they enjoy a longer and happier life.

2. Love Has An Effect of Cocaine

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The second unexpected fact is that falling in love influences intellectual sections of the brain. This triggers a similar feeling of euphoria that people experience when they take cocaine. Scientists from Syracuse University conducted a study called “The-Neuroimaging-of-Love”.

According to the study, many euphoria-inducing chemicals get into 12 parts of the brain. These chemicals include adrenaline, vasopression, dopamine, and oxytocin. All the chemicals work simultaneously.

Some of them reduce your capacity to be secretive. As a result, you become more open and talkative. Notably, sometimes these chemicals might  form hallucinations together with extreme euphoria. Actually, there’s a way in which our brain sees an image of a person we love. Surprisingly, this is the same kind of reaction we have after one intake of cocaine.

3. Holding Hands Relieves Pain and Stress

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The next unexpected fact is about the effect of a touch. In fact, holding hands with your loved one lessens the stress level hormone, known as cortisol. Even a teammate’s or a friend’s touch can make one feel more connected, content or greater about himself.

Of course, many of us encounter stressing moments. Though, a light touch on your hand can assist relieve the strain, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, our skin becomes more sensitive the moment cortisol is racing through our bloodstream. Thus, the helping hand’s touch will have a great larger impact.

The highest concentration of nerve endings is normally present within the fingertips and hands. While experiencing pain, people possess the typical reflex to contract their muscles. For instance, during childbirth, something interesting can happen.

A husband can be inside the delivery room just to hold his woman’s hand while she’s experiencing labor. The reflex to grasp a partner’s hand is within us naturally. It’s invariably easier to go through a painful moment while holding hands with your soulmate.

4. We Tend To Ignore Those Who Adore Us

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Regardless of how much experiences we gain in life or how evolved we become, some aspects never change. For instance, we normally chase things that we can’t get. Now, it’s natural to love. No matter how ugly or poor someone is, someone else will surely love them.

But mostly, those we actually cherish, don’t love us. We ignore those people who adore us. Conversely, we tend to love the people who ignore us. Also, we always pay attention to people who disagree with us, instead of those who favor us. Still, we mind about things we don’t have, rather than appreciating the ones we have. Unfortunately, this is more of nature and controlling this might be challenging.

5. Hugging Loved Ones Boosts Trust

Lastly, when a lover hugs his partner, the experience causes enhanced happiness. In addition, the bond these individuals share becomes even better. When two lovers hug each other, our bodies release chemicals that make us trust the person we hug. This also promotes their intimacy within a relationship.

Alvin Mahmudov

Moreover, it decreases the hesitation that shouldn’t be present in healthy relationships. Hug assists lovers to come closer not only physically, but also mentally. In fact,  it’s necessary to hug your loved one several times a day for your relationship to remain healthier and stronger.

Hugging in such conditions can make your relationship stronger. As a result, this promotes your mental well-being, which does wonders for your valued relationship. Therefore, hugs develop psychological connections as well. 

To summarize, the above are some of the unexpected facts about love and relationships. Another plain fact is that we don’t choose who to fall in love with. Sometimes it’s too unfortunate that we may love and adore someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same love and affection.

However, love is a good feeling. It’s important not only for your social life, but also for your mental well-being. So, if you find love, value it.

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