There are a lot of various perceptions about what exactly should it feel like after a good and effective workout. And if you found yourself wondering whether you did well or not, this article is for you to find out the answer.

Many a time you may hear that a good workout will make you sweat and shake, given that exercises are performed with high intensity and during a certain period of time. However, it turns out not to be all true when it comes to real signs that indicate the effectiveness of your workout.

How often do you normally work out? Indeed, there are a number of signs that can mean that you had a good workout. Let’s have a look:

Muscle fatigue

Your muscles are likely to get tired after doing some workouts either at home or even at the gym. Sometimes, you might feel too tired to extend your workout sessions. This is a sign that you had a good workout. This can happen if you have lifted weights for several minutes. At some point, you might find it difficult to even lift your hand. If this happens, you should drink more water and have enough rest. You can even consider taking some glucose in order to get more energy in the long run. This can help you with muscle recovery and rest.

Good sleep

Most people normally tend to sleep for more hours after doing several workouts. This is because these exercises normally make your muscles to get tired and this can make you feel more exhausted. If you have been suffering from insomnia, you are likely to sleep better after doing some workouts. This is an evident indicator that you had a good workout.

Increased heart rate

Your heart will require to pump blood to many areas in your body when you are doing workouts. Excessive exercising can make it pump faster than normal and increase your heart rate as a result. You should, therefore, get a heart rate monitor so that you can know your maximum heart rate. The more you increase the intensity of the cardio workout, the higher the heart rate. According to the American Heart Association, you may find out your right and maximum heart rate indicator by subtracting your age from 220. So, for example, if you are 25, your maximum is 195 beats per minute. 

However, the most important point here is that you should not be over-pushing yourself. In the normal case, your heart rate should return to your regular pace quite quickly. If it’s not, then you may need to cool down, fuel your body properly, and drink more water before and after exercise.

Increased hunger

You are likely to feel hungry after doing some workouts. This is because you are burning more calories in your body. In addition, your body will require more energy in order to carry on with the exercises. This is the reason why you should take food after finishing your workouts. Your body will use those calories to cool down and enable you to recover faster. You should avoid taking fast carbs and instead eat slow carbs to make your organism work intensively to get the nutrients out of the food. 

Improved mood

Your mood is likely to improve after doing some good exercises. If you woke up in a bad mood, you can do a few exercises and take a note of your mood changed. Most likely that you will become happier after doing some workout, which is due to your body releasing endorphins, feel-good chemicals that are sometimes compared to morphine.

Reduced stress levels

We all get stressed at one time or another. Stress can negatively affect your health, sinking your mood deeper and deeper into depression. In this case, you can consider doing some exercises either at home or at the gym. If you have a good workout, you are likely to sweat more and this can help you reduce your stress levels.

Our conclusion?

Most people normally perceive sweating as a positive sign of a good workout. However, you will note that sweat is not necessarily a great indicator that your workout was good. Although sweating helps your body to cool down when the weather is hot or during workouts. Once you start exercising, your body normally heats up and this stimulates your sweat response. It is also important to note that some people actually sweat even when they are not physically active. This is the reason why sweating is not a good indicator of a good workout


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