Effective Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back pain

In our modern world, most of our jobs are usually done in front of paperwork or our computers. They require sitting for long hours without much activity or exercise. This consequently can put quite strain on our backs, especially on the lower back area. As a result, the most common complaint of people who work this way is a back pain.

Given the name lumbago at other times, back pain can vary in its severity. It can be a simple, dull ache and it can become a severe sharp sensation that interferes with normal, everyday activities. Most folks experience back pain at one point of their lives. Although, as previously mentioned, those who work in offices or sit for long periods of time, are usually the most ones affected.

It’s the number one complaint for office employees. It’s understandable, as sitting for long period places such strain on the back muscles, spine and back vertebrae. While most aches are short-term and acute, repeated attacks of such pain may lead to chronic conditions. This especially occurs if the pain continues for three months or more.

Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises one can do to relieve the inevitable back pain. Some of these can be practiced even at your very own office. We also provide exercises that can be performed in the gym or at home. While performing exercises, you will strengthen the back muscles and reduce the frequency of getting back pain in the first place. In this article, we shall feature some of the most effective exercises in detail for back pain relief.

Back pain

Walking: And You Can Do It Right In Your Office

It is as simple as it sounds. That colleague over there that you need to inform of work stuff? Well, walk to him. Substitute the emails by actual walks. The exercise will activate your muscles and reduce any strain put on them by sitting for long period. And that’s the thing: no more sitting for long periods that way. You’ll find an effective way of reducing back pain.

Torso Twist: Twist that Back Pain Away

First, breathe in. Then, as you breathe out, swing to one side. Snatch the seat’s back using your right hand, while grabbing the seat’s arm with your left hand. Use your grip on the seat to twist your torso as much as you can. Hold this position like that for several seconds. After, let your back proceed with the stretch. Slowly return to the starting position and do the same thing with the other side.

It could be an exercise that will take your breath away. However, it is very efficient and it definitely fulfills the role of washing away that back pain.

Partial Crunches: Save Them for Home

Perform these regularly and you shall have strong back muscles. The way to do this exercise is simple. First, lie with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Cross arms over your chest or place hands behind your neck. Tighten abdomen muscles and lift your shoulders off the ground. After, breathe as you raise your shoulders. No using your elbows or arms! Let your back muscles do all the work. Hold for a second, then slowly lower go into reverse. Repeat eight to twelve times.

Performing this exercise correctly ensures stronger back muscles. In addition, you’ll get stronger stomach muscles and better looking abs. Keep in mind that your tailbone, feet, and lower back must remain on the mat all the time (and yes, you definitely must use a mat! Don’t practice on bare ground).

Back pain

Crazy But Effective: Replace Your Chair With Exercise Ball!

Yup, that’s right. Instead of that boring chair at work that just strains your back muscles, opt for an exercise ball to sit on while doing that paperwork. It engages all your core muscles and strengthens them, reducing the strain. So you are working and exercising right at the same time.

Standing Up and Sitting Down Multiple Times

Another easy exercise to do at home or during work is standing up and sitting down multiple times. Though, don’t even think of using your hands. Sounds easy? Well, give it a try first, because it can be quite challenging. However, we know it’s also quite effective.

So as you can see, there is a variety of useful exercises and they are easy and simple to perform. Be it at home or at your office, there is no excuse. So, exercise that back pain away.

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