Typical behavior of people with low self-esteem

Typical behavior of people with low self-esteem
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Being aware of low self-esteem behavior might be essential. If you or some of your acquaintances suffer from low self-esteem, it might be problematic. Usually, such kind of people spoil their own life because of their problem. Moreover, in some cases they intervene into the lives of other people.

By being aware, we can be in a position to identify symptoms of low self-esteem. Further, it’s possible to take necessary steps to fix it. There are many individuals who are suffering from low self-esteem. Sometimes the signs are not obvious. However, it’s possible to note behavior indicating low self-esteem. Probably, you identify this in yourself or find it in other individuals. Anyways, we hope you’ll find this article useful. By reading it, you’ll be able to analyze people better, and probably, can help them.

Lack of belief in oneself

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Many people suffering from low self-esteem, find it difficult to trust in themselves. These individuals don’t have a belief in the decisions they make. Sadly, they seek approval from others most of times. In spite of doing a good job, such individuals find it difficult to appreciate the things they do. They only feel comfortable when appreciated by others. Bragging is also another behavior associated with lack of self-confidence. Such individuals will only talk about their achievements and won’t share their failures. It is their technique of proving that they are better than others. 

Humiliating others

Ordinarily, individuals with low self-esteem are not benevolent. They are mean in everything. While communicating with others, these people try to raise their self-esteem at the expense of people around them. Unsurprisingly, if they meet someone confident, unconfident people will try to humiliate their “opponent”. By doing so, they raise their self-esteem and feel proud of themselves. During conversations, unconfident interlocutor usually says sharp and “acidic” things. Of course, it might be covered in a form of hints.

Another scenario is insulting others in a polite manner. Anyway, these are the same signs of low self-esteem. Unconfident people prefer having relationships which are one-sided pleased. In other words, where a partner is somehow dependent, and thus, is controllable by his unconfident partner.


It’s a normal thing for a humanbeing to make mistakes. However, for unconfident people mistakes are something horrible. In case of facing some mistake, they concentrate on mistake itself. Instead of solving it, they insult themselves or even someone else. Surely, it’s preferable not to make mistakes. Though, through making mistakes we learn something new. Therefore, it’s better to think of finding correct outcome of a situation. Being nervous because of failure will not help anyway. In fact, successful people concentrate on growth and development.  In turn, people with low self-esteem concentrate on avoiding mistakes. Though, personal growth is not possible without this (not really pleasant, I understand) component. 


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Being pessimistic is a clear indication that you are suffering from low self-esteem. This means you are not happy with yourself. Therefore, you will find it difficult to have a good feeling with anything you come across. Each situation has two sides and two ways of perception. Pessimists will see only bad side, while confident people perceive it in different dimension. If one is viewing things in a negative dimension, you should help him or her to start seeing things in a positive manner. Always try to encourage people with low self-esteem to improve their skills.

Blaming others

People with low self-esteem find it difficult to accept who they are. As a result, they blame other people for their problems. They tend to think that the problems they are facing are not result of their own fault. If your friend or relative is continuously blaming others for his/her troubles, you should help him to identify his own contribution to his problems. It’s better to help to spot changes that such person can introduce. Thus, he might avoid experiencing them again in the future.

Surely, we all feel unconfident from time to time. Though, for some people this becomes a lifestyle. By remaining unconfident,  they are not able to live freely and happily. By some of their actions they can spoil life of others. For instance, anyone might have a colleague with low self-esteem. Working with such person might problematic. Pessimistic views, inability to make fast decisions, and even aggression bring inconvenience to the whole team. However, by analyzing someone’s or your own behaviour, you can identify whether you need to change yourself. Additionally,  you might help someone you know to start a new life. Therefore, it’s worth knowing the things we mentioned above. 

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